Oh Nara on ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ sorties

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Actress Oh Nara appears in ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, which airs on the 27th, the third episode of ‘Seongnam City Moran Station Back Alley’ will be released.

Last week’s broadcast, Kimchi Steamed Jjagijip, which compared three different types of aging meat, recently released two types of broth that he studied for a week to Baek Jong-won. Baek Jong-won, who has been researching a rather unique broth through his assumption rather than a general method, expressed regret, saying, “The intention is good, but the old-fashioned way is a problem.”

Afterwards, Baek Jong-won took luck at the start of the kimchi solution previously announced, saying, “The recipe for steamed kimchi made by the president is meaningless.” Baek Jong-won suggested a comparison tasting with kimchi steamed using ‘rad oil’ as the existing boss’s method, and kimchi steamed using ‘ground fat’ at a butcher shop without making lard oil after a long time. The boss who was tasting the kimchi jjageul was confused, leaving a tasting review saying, “I regret it.”

Baek Jong-won also visited the ‘Saengmyeon Guksujip’, which did extensive kitchen work to minimize the cooking flow. Baek Jong-won expected that the cooking speed would have been much shorter after seeing the changed structure, but the boss’s cooking speed, which did not change much compared to the shortened flow line, said, “You shouldn’t do this.”

Also, actress Oh Nara visited the Saengmyeon Guksujip as a preview tour group. Before the tasting, Oh Nara, who had stopped by the control room and shared greetings with 3MC, raised questions by revealing that “each of them has a relationship with the three.” In particular, “I met MC Kim Seong-ju 15 years ago,” she said, releasing an anecdote from her fresh newcomer days and making everyone laugh.

Oh Nara, who visited the raw noodle soup restaurant, revealed that she is a ‘noodle mania’, saying, “She eats more noodles than rice,” and showed the spirit of noodle-chigi, bringing the admiration of Baek Jong-won. In addition, a sharp tasting review was delivered to the situation room, and Oh Nara’s evaluation of tasting raw noodles can be confirmed through the broadcast.

Meanwhile, the story of ‘Yukgaejangjip’, which was given a poem by Kim Seong-ju, continues. When the boss said that he had cooked Yukgaejang up to ’25 servings’ last week, Baek Jong-won advised that ‘bulk cooking’ is a must if it is a restaurant specializing in Yukgaejang, and the boss prepared ingredients for ‘100 servings’ of Yukgaejang.

In last week’s broadcast, Kim Seong-ju made a rant saying, “The one who says Yukgaejang is not good, I will calculate it all,” and at the same time, a full-scale tasting was held with a collaboration of ‘100 servings of Yukgaejang’ mass cooking solution. In order to consume 100 servings of Yukgaejang prepared by the boss, the entire staff decided to share a group instead of the actual customer in accordance with the government’s quarantine guidelines, but if the favorable reception was 70% or less after the tasting, Kim Seong-ju decided to pay the full amount.

Before the start of the tasting, Baek Jong-won expressed his concern that if cooked in large quantities, there may be variations in taste, and Kim Seong-ju, who heard this, said, “I talked about something useless,” and showed regrets at the tasting event, and laughed.

The results of the Yukgaejang tasting meeting will be unveiled at ‘Baek Jongwon’s Alley Restaurant’, which will be broadcast at 10:35 pm on the 27th.


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