‘One Chance’ the story of Paul Potts will be re-released on February 18th

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘One Chance’, a movie about Paul Potts’ true story, will be re-released on February 18th.

This is a music film about the life reversal of Paul Potts, a world-renowned popera singer who did not let go of his dreams despite numerous trials.

The released main poster draws attention by capturing the appearance of Paul, who has not released the string of passion for opera.

Paul Potts (James Corden) released with a copy of heartfelt encouragement, “Prove that Pavarotti is wrong with your song!” As if a hidden gem is finally revealed outside the world, the beautiful moment of the birth of a world-class opera singer Since it is intact, the expectation is high for the beautiful emotional story that the movie will tell.

The 30-second trailer, which was released together, draws attention because it realistically contains the eventful process of Paul Potts, who has struggled to become an opera singer. “I’m the most happy when I sing opera,” he said to his girlfriend, saying he loves opera. After hard work, he entered the Venice Conservatoire where Pavarotti is, but unexpectedly, with feedback from Pavarotti saying that he lacks confidence, leading Paul to fall into a slump.

As a result, he creates a conflict with his family and creates regrets by thinking deeply about whether he should try the opera again. Meanwhile, after the news that the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ audition program was being held, Paul, who regained hope, predicted the birth of a star by practicing hard at any time, anywhere, so that even the people around him were tired. Expectations are high about how his legend stage, which impressed everyone, was reborn on the screen.


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