Psychiatrist brothers Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong shared their mother’s special tip for child education (‘Problem Child in House’)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Psychiatrist brother Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong revealed their mother’s unusual education method.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Problem Child in House’ broadcast on the 26th, the first domestic psychiatrist brothers Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong appeared as guests.

On this day, MC Song Eun-i asked, “Seeing that both of you went to medical school, did your mother have a special tip for education?”

In response, Yang Jae-jin replied, “After releasing, there was infinite trust, ‘I believe in you’. Even when I had an accident, she said, ‘I believe in you. You will always return to your place’.”

When MC Kim Hee-cheol asked, “Students say that they don’t want to go to school. How did she react at that time?” Yang Jae-woong said, “My mother allowed me to not to go to school.”

“I thought I could do what I wanted to study. So my grades gradually fell, but my mother didn’t urge me to study. She took me down to Jeonju, when I was really had no interest in studying. I just took the test without thinking, but my grades were great. That’s how I started to study hard. My mother seems to have focused on creating an environment where I can study.”

On the other hand, KBS2 entertainment ‘Problem Child in House’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:40 pm. Yang Jae-woong belongs to Entertainment Mystic Story and is actively appearing on TV.

Photo| KBS2 ‘Problem Child in House’ broadcast screen capture

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