‘South Korean Foreigner’ Baek A-Yeon “‘Shouldn’t Have’ is produced based on my experience”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Baek A-yeon reveals the behind-the-scenes story of ‘Shouldn’t Have.’

MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘South Korean Foreigners’, aired today (27th), is a special feature of ‘Tympanic Girlfriend vs. Gag Girlfriend’. Baek A Yeon, G.Friend member Yuju, Lee Eun-hyung and Shin Gi-roo appear in a quiz showdown.

Baek A-yeon, who was recognized for his skills through SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ in 2011, has a comfortable melody and sympathetic lyrics, and has a number of hit songs such as ‘Slow Song’, ‘Shouldn’t Have’.

Baek A-yeon, who introduced the representative song ‘Shouldn’t Have’ as “a song that contains real experiences,” said, “A guy who tried to develop romantic relationship with me took me to the house and hugged me. After then, he avoided my contact without reason. It was a song that wrote the lyrics of an embarrassing heart.”

On this day, Baek A-yeon solidified the position of ‘Voice Queen’ by showing a perfect live performance not only for the new song ‘Not Cold’, but also for instant song requests.

Singer Baek A-yeon’s quiz debut Shining Ceremony will be unveiled at MBC Every1 ‘South Korean Foreigners’ at 8:30 pm today (27th).


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