Subin released her life song ‘Sign’ in ‘Miss Back’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Subin from Dalshabet released her life song live in the last episode of ‘Miss Back’.

In the last episode of MBN’s ‘Miss Back’, which aired on the 26th, an offline concert performance of 7 members was held. On this day’s broadcast, Subin released her life song ‘Sign’ live on stage for the first time. ‘Sign’ is a danceable R&B song written by producer Vic Sancho for Subin.

Before going on the stage, Subin said, “It’s my life song so I wonder if there is a song that suits me so well. I am going to pour out all the performances and directing that I can. I think I should prepare a song as much as the other members have worked hard. I will put my energy 7 times more.”

As a performance queen of ‘Miss Back’, Subin directed the overwhelming ‘Sign’ stage. Unlike the sexy and seductive atmosphere of the song, Subin, who danced with female dancers in mannish style costumes, called male dancers to the stage at the end of the performance and decorated the finale with signature performances.

Composer Vic Sancho, who saw Subin’s stage online, said, “Thank you so much for doing better than I imagined. It is unfortunate to see such a stage once.” Baek Ji-young commented, “Subin was second place, who perfectly supported the first place, not someone who failed to be on the top of ‘Miss Back’. Thanks to Subin, the members were able to perform a more complete stage.” She reevaluated Subin in ‘Miss Back’.

Of the five contests held in ‘Miss Back’, Subin was called the most in the TOP3, but was regretful that she could not win the final. In addition, in November of last year, while recording of ‘Miss Back’ was in progress, she was hospitalized in an accidental traffic accident and suffered twists and turns, such as being unable to participate in the ‘Tantara’ contest.

“I tried to find my own color while playing my music with confidence. ‘Sign’ is my life song, and I think it is one of my colors.” She did not hide her affection for ‘Sign’. Subin’s ‘Sign’ will be released on the online music site at noon on January 29th.

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