‘The ballad King’s success’…Kyuhyun’s ‘Moving On’ ranked 1st in the music chart

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Super Junior Kyuhyun’s new song ‘Moving On’ ranked first on the music chart.

Kyuhyun gained a hot response by settling at the top of the various music charts, including the Bugs No. 1 (based on 2 p.m.) and Genie Music No. 2 with the new song ‘Moving On’, which was officially released at 6 pm on the 26th.

In addition, this single took first place on the Peruvian iTunes Singles Chart, realizing the passionate love between domestic and foreign music fans.

The new song ‘Moving On’ is a remake of ‘In the Last Days’ by singer-songwriter Hong Seok-min, released in 2015, and you can feel a different sadness from the original song with Kyuhyun’s own sensitivity. Here, “I’m not next to you, whether I’m looking for you while rubbing my tired eyes. I don’t know where I’ll get hurt. Now, so, you have to eat firmly.”

Meanwhile, this digital single is receiving high attention as part of ‘2021 PROJECT: 季'(2021 Project: Gye), which releases a new song containing the atmosphere of each season.


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