Yang Dong-geun breaks through COVID-19 head-on… ‘That G’ MV for 3 roles per person

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper YDG (Yang Dong-geun)’s music video for ‘That G’was released.

The music video released on YDG’s official YouTube ‘GIGA MC’ on the 26th is trapped in the COVID-19 reality that no one wants, but it contains the content of having an active life posture rather than staying helpless.

YDG plays three characters: a man trapped in an unknown space without knowing the English language, a sloppy uncle, and a dad who plays with his three children and daughters while dragging a cart.

The music video begins with Yang Dong-geun awakening from a futon with a bustling face. The protagonist, wandering in an infinite space without an exit, finds an elevator, but does not know where he is heading. There is no space in the hallway where the elevator arrives, and people can’t open the door even when they see the protagonist. Eventually, the protagonist has no choice but to press the 19th floor to escape the frustrating space.

Yang Dong-geun said, “It’s very painful to see people who are difficult around me. “I can’t be like this, I have to give up my strength.”

Meanwhile, in the beginning of next month, the second music video of ‘That G’ featuring the dance team of global choreographer Aiki is scheduled to be released.


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