BJ Gamst is missing?…”We can’t contact him, he’s not even at home”

BJ Gamst. Photo|Gamst SNS

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Popular BJ and YouTuber Gamst (real name Kim In-jik, 31) was engulfed in rumors of disappearance due to loss of contact.

The Gamst YouTube channel manager posted a comment on a recent video on the 27th, saying, “In fact, we are not in contact with us, and it seems that no one is at home, so it is difficult to say something.” “I think it would be nice to wait for the announcement anyway. Don’t worry too much and have fun watching the video.”

It seems that Gamst recently stopped broadcasting without prior notice, and the manager gave a comment when inquiries continued. The last time it was broadcast live on Africa TV on the 23rd.

You can take a few days off the show, but this is unprecedented for Gamst. Fans are worried because it is the first time Gamst has been on air for over 7 years and has been taken to the emergency room after collapsed with cirrhosis of the liver without notice. Fans are concerned, saying, “Please let me know what is going on and where it is.”

Gamst suffered a concussion accident caused by a chroma key crash in November, while the manager was injured during live broadcasting in May of last year. Gamst also vomited and took medicine during the broadcast due to concussion sequelae.

Afterwards, Gamst also complained of depression, saying, “I feel a little sensitive, react sensitively to the parts that I can laugh over, and the stress gets worse.”

Gamst is an African TV BJ who gained popularity with soccer commentary and game content. He also served as a commentator on terrestrial broadcasting. The number of YouTube subscribers is also over 2 million.

<The statement of Gamst’s Youtube channel official>

Hello, this is Gamtube. In fact, we are not able to contact you, and it seems difficult to say anything because there seems to be no one at home. It would be nice if you wait for the announcement! Don’t worry too much and have fun watching the video!
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