Chillin Homie, Significant Heart, “I want to stop, it’s so hard”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper Chillin Homie draws attention with a social media post.

On the 28th, Chilin Homie posted a post on the Instagram story saying, “I want to quit. It’s so hard” and “Why am I living like this while noticing”. He also left a sentence suggesting an extreme choice.

Afterwards, he posted a post saying, “Think straight about what’s right and turn off the kids. There are parts that we can’t say that it’s right, but we’ll make it right.”

Chilin Homie, who appeared in the Mnet contest program ‘Show Me the Money 9’, which aired last year, drew attention by getting off before the final stage. “I wanted to show a better appearance than the previous season because it was ‘Show Me the Money’, which comes out for the third time, but he got off due to health problems. So he did not take it because it would interfere with the shooting, but it gradually got worse and he was scared of the situation where the memory of the day before was flying away. At the same time, he expressed his willingness to overcome, saying, “I will overcome again without losing and see you with a good work in a good shape.”

When Chilin Homie’s sentiment was released, netizens responded with “Give up” and “Cheer up”.

<Chilin Homie’s social media post>

I want to stop, it’s too hard, I wanna XX. Why do I have to give a fuck to other people?

Think it right.

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