‘Entertainment Weekly’ So Ji-seop → Taeyeon, unveiled stars’ luxurious cars

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The dream cars of stars from Soganji So Ji-seop to Girls’ Generation Taeyeon are unveiled.

KBS2 live broadcast on the 29th, ‘Entertainment Weekly’ will introduce the legendary Hallyu drama ‘Winter Sonata’, which gave birth to Yon-sama and Ji-woo hime, and ‘Star 1 who bought the most expensive car’, which gives a glimpse of the roaring horses of top stars. You can also see the story behind the scenes of the regional grand integration duet mission stage of the ‘Trot National Sports Festival’, where yesterday’s enemy became today’s comrade, and the two main characters of the emotional melody movie ‘Train Station’, Kim Dong-jun x Kim Jae-kyung directly.

First of all, let’s summon the legendary drama ‘Winter Sonata’ that reminds me of the cold winter when snow falls. The drama ‘Winter Sonata’ in our memories of those days when the sensibility of many viewers was stimulated with a faint first love story that resembles a snowflake of snow. The nostalgic scene in the drama ‘Winter Sonata’, where you can see the fresh appearance of Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo, who led the history of the Korean Wave boom by raising the syndrome of ‘Yon-sama’ and ‘Ji-woo hime’ Let’s go on a time trip with them.

In ‘The Woman Running the Chart’, where you can find information about Korean entertainment on a chart, you can meet stars’ luxurious cars. From the special rottweiler of actor So Ji-seop, who owns the only car in the world, to Taeyeon, who owns an expensive sports car. Among the coveted dream cars of billion-sounding stars, you can see who bought the most expensive car in ‘Live throughout the year’.

Next, we will meet the stage of the regional grand integration duet mission of KBS2’s ‘Trot National Sports Festival’, a world of cold competitions played by top trot players. Participants who finished the sparkling 1:1 deathmatch and entered the 4th round of dead zone integrated duet mission. Shin Mi-rae showed off a splendid performance as a duet stage with Kim Yoon-gil, although he could not be a partner with Jin Hae-sung starting with the authentic trot stage of Min Soo-hyun and Choi Hyang, the king of the end of the defeat. Following the lively stage of the cute trolls Oh Yu-jin and Lee Dong-yeon of the ‘Trot National Sports Festival’, and the duet stage with Han River, which stimulates the deep emotion of the charm of Queen Kim San-ha. Another powerful confrontation unfolds while the stage of the topical regional grand integration duet mission that heated up the first row of the bedroom was revealed. We are curious about who will be the last 8 players to advance to the semi-finals with the viewers judgement team.

Finally, in the section ‘Movie Commentary’ where the protagonist directly tells the story behind the famous scenes in the movie, the two main characters of the movie ‘Train Station’ will give a deep lingering lingering to the upcoming February’s emotional melody. The two who played the sorrowful love of a woman who was judged for a limited time and a man who lost their memories. A place that serves as an important background for the movie and the famous scenes drawn by the two actors, from sweet romance scenes that cause heart pounding just by watching to desperate emotional scenes that stimulate tears. Along with the episodes related to the train station, the moments of heartbreak at each other on the set are also revealed.

The live broadcast ‘Entertainment Weekly’ will be broadcast on KBS2 at 8:30 pm on Friday, 29th.


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