JeA released a new self photo album ahead of the unveil of her new song

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Brown Eyed Girls member JeA has released a pictorial with a unique aura.

In the photo released through the official SNS channel of Brown Eyed Girls on the 28th, JeA overwhelmed the gaze with the upgraded sophistication and intense eyes. In addition, JeA, who reversed the atmosphere with a funky image, perfectly digested the hair style with braided hair.

This pictorial, with the concept of the same name as JeA’s solo album ‘Newself’ released in 2019, actively participated in JeA from the planning stage to styling. JeA said, “Another hidden image of me that has not been shown before. I wanted to contain it.”

JeA, who currently has three abandoned dogs, regained her mind with the lettering tattoo ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ in this pictorial. She said, “I feel a lot and feel comforted while living with my companion animal.” “There are a lot of friends waiting for adoption, but through the pictorial, I wanted to convey the feeling of ‘don’t buy it, let’s adopt’, so I tried the lettering tattoo. It was meaningful because I felt like I was committed to it.”

JeA said, “I want to show you a new step by step in the future,” and “I want to share the things I get from the process steadily and in small ways.”

Starting with her first solo album ‘Just JeA’ in 2013, JeA has been active through numerous singles and OSTs. Through ‘Newself’ and ‘Greeddy’, she has been taking a strong step as an artist by delivering a strong message.

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