Jeon Jong-seo, a pictorial that contains all innocence and temptation

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jeon Jong-seo showed off her innocent and alluring beauty in the pictorial.

Jeon Jong-seo recently held a photo shoot for the February issue with fashion magazine ‘W Korea’ and brand ‘Max Mara’.

Jeon Jong-seo, who took the role of serial killer ‘Young-sook’ in the movie ‘Call’ (director Lee Choong-hyun) and robbed her eyes with intense charisma, stylishly wears turquoise and beige suits, off-shoulder shirts, and black and white costumes through pictorial and capture the attention.

In this pictorial, the mysterious beauty of Jeon Jong-seo was demonstrated for ten minutes. Jeon Jong-seo exudes a model force throughout the shooting, exuding a dreamy and mystical attractive gaze to each pictorial cut, showing off a unique atmosphere.

In particular, this pictorial was taken with Doberman and attracted more attention. Jeon Jong-seo, like Doberman, who filmed with her, showed off a unique and sensational aura, harmonizing with a distinctive atmosphere with a lot of aegyo while boasting a beautiful appearance. Jeon Jong-seo, who shared a rapport with Doberman in the middle of the filming at the scene, showed off a special chemistry in a short time.

Jeon Jong-seo, who entered the Cannes International Film Festival with her debut through her debut film ‘Burning’ (director Lee Chang-dong), took her  eyes off the gruesome hot performance through the mystery stealer movie ‘Call’, which was released last year on Netflix. It captivated the home theater with the suction power that made it impossible to do.

Recently, she filmed a movie ‘We, Ja-young’, play the role of a woman dreamed of being thirty mature by delivering the news of casting in the movie but the only thing that accumulates is debt and failure experiences. As a result, attention is paid to what kind of acting Jeon Jong-seo will perform through her new work, who devoured the screen and showed excellent character digestibility and immersive input despite being a rookie.

Meanwhile, more pictorials and details of Jeon Jong-seo can be found in the February issue of ‘W Korea’ pictorial.

Photo courtesy | February issue of ‘W Korea’
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