‘Miss Back’ ending, a documentary on the growth of female idols…

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‘Miss Back’, which gave emotion and fun on Tuesday night, ended the finale.

MBN’s entertainment program ‘Miss Back’ (planning Nam Sung-hyun, director An Dong-soo Kim Ji-eun) ended the ‘Miss Back Online Concert’ on the 26th. ‘Miss Back’ impressed with the stage of the seven members who overcome pain and challenge endlessly every time. Until the end, I looked back at what ‘Miss Back’ left behind, which enchanted viewers’ eyes and ears.

#7 members discover new potential

Unlike existing contest programs that always emphasized infinite competition, ‘Miss Back’ was highly praised for its competition in which no dropouts occurred. The members were able to compete in good faith to win life songs. 7 singers could show their talents to viewers. This led to remarkable musical growth and made viewers as well as mentors proud.

Here, Baek Ji-young, Yoon Il-sang, and Song Eun-i became mentors. They generously poured out encouragement and praise on every stage of the members, and did not hesitate to give their sincere advice.

#Various genres of music gift + fascinating collaboration

The members showed endless possibilities by digesting various concepts regardless of genre such as ballad, trot, and dance. The members’ excitement and enthusiasm for life songs fascinated the ears and eyes of the viewers of the home theater every Tuesday night.

Also, collaborations with various singers continued. In addition to presenting beautiful harmony with Jung Ki-go, Bernard Park, and Hong Dae-kwang, and Baek Ji-young also impressed viewers by showing a fantastic stage with SG Wannabe Lee Seok-hoon.

#Content that focuses attention abroad

‘Miss Back’ has received a lot of attention from around the world, including China and France, for its unique content. In particular, AFP, a representative French telecommunications company, drew attention by dealing in depth with ‘Miss Back’. Articles and videos stating that “Those who are hurt in the competitive K-pop market are healed through ‘Miss Back'” broadcast and dream of a second leap forward’ were distributed on major sites around the world in six languages.

Also, in the process of making a new leap over the pain that idols have endured for years, it drew enthusiastic responses from overseas viewers. The video uploaded on YouTube’s ‘South China Morning Post’ records 1.28 million views (as of January 27, 2021), while the ‘Up and Down’ Dance Challenge is where many overseas fans’ videos are uploaded on social media. A hot reaction followed.

As such, ‘Miss Back’ depicted a remarkable growth by exploding the potential that the mentor Baek Ji-young, Yoon Il-sang, and Song Eun-i were unable to express by challenging various genres of music. This not only brought fun and excitement to the viewers, but also filled the Tuesday night with a lot of topics in intense love.

On the other hand, the 7-member complete group song ‘Finale’, which shines brighter when we are together, can be heard on all sound source sites now, and Subin’s solo song ‘Sign’ will be released at 12:00 noon on the 29th.


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