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[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Skilled musicians who have advanced to the TOP 10 of ‘Sing Again’ will show a live performance of Gwiho River with an artistic selection of ‘All Again’ in a live room in the room.

In the ‘Sing Again Full Disclosure’ (produced Studio Slam) released on Kakao TV at 12:00 noon on the 28th, participants who are loved by many, including No. 10 Kim Jun-hui, No. 20 Lee Jeong-kwon, No. 33 Yumi, and No. 63 Lee Moo-jin, appeared in a special room. Presents. Unlike the final stage, which is presented in tension with the aim of advancing to the next round, the live in the room of ‘Sing Again Full Disclosure’ is receiving favorable reviews from viewers by decorating the stage with songs that singers can sing comfortably out of competition. In particular, in this episode, singers have chosen the music that suits them best and that viewers want to listen to, and various reasons for selecting songs are also arousing curiosity.

Singer Lee Moo-jin, who is developing not only his music skills, but also his star, is setting a live stage with Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’. “This is a song that music players must sing when they are initiating pop songs. I selected the song with the meaning of not losing Maroon 5’s original intention.” He will show a free and comfortable live stage as if he is wearing clothes that suit him, and will make viewers feel refreshed.

Singer Yumi No. 33 and singer No. 10, Kim Joon-hwi, are planning to perform a live on the Kwiho River with the voice of the play and the play that showed their charms. First, Yumi, who has a high pitch range and a powerful and sad voice, presents a live show with Seong Si-kyung’s ‘Two People’. He is going to deliver a warm message of consolation with a unique emotional singing method that seems to be whispering. On the contrary, Kim Joon-hwi,, who is attractive with a husky voice of mid-bass, plays Kim Hyun-sik’s song ‘I Can’t Love’ with a calm piano performance. “I think this song is a hidden masterpiece. Kim Joon-hwi,, who revealed the meaning of the song, saying, “I want to introduce a good song,” introduces a masterpiece like the original stone to many people, and at the same time exudes his unique charm by showing his signature husky singing technique to his heart’s content.

Lee Jeong-kwon, the 20th singer who has earned the nickname “salmon master,” perfectly sang “Like those powerful salmons climbing upside down the river” by Gangsan at a national song contest, was on the live stage of Ahn Chi-Hwan’s “People are more beautiful than flowers”. He said, “There were many people who wanted the same atmosphere as a national songwriter.” He also revealed the reason for the unique selection. As the video that appeared in the national song competition has been featured as a legend on social media so far, the live stage he will show is raising expectations by predicting the ‘return of the salmon master’. He showed off the charm of a different color each time with a refreshing voice, and will once again purify the minds of viewers through a live ‘People are more beautiful than flowers’.

Meanwhile, the ‘Who Honey’ team, with singer Lee Moo-jin and singer Lee Seung-yoon, united in #63 and this time again induces laughter with the opening with Tikitaka chemistry. Lee Moo-jin parodying Lee Seung-yoon’s ‘Cheety Chi-Tie Bang Bang’, which is the legend stage of ‘Sing Again’ while standing in front of the camera with a more neat hairstyle, and Lee Seung-yoon, who shows a sensible three-way poem with ‘Bang Corner’ despite sudden requests Of course, the opening of the two singers, with all the charms of the show, captivates viewers with a bitter smile that cannot be seen in this broadcast.

In ‘Sing Again Full Disclosure’, which is exclusively released on Kakao TV, it is planned to show off-stage real stories and colorful charms of topical participants. Various undisclosed videos from the first trial site to the main stage are released, and participants sang a variety of songs that could not be seen on the broadcast, releasing hidden talent and charm. If the main stage of the audition for ‘Sing Again’ captivated viewers’ ears with their ‘voice’, ‘Sing Again Full Disclosure’ captures the hearts of viewers with their richer real story and charm, delivering a calming sound.


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