‘A Love So Beautiful’ Kim Yo-han x So Joo-yeon, romantic moments

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘A Love So Beautiful’, Kim Yo-han gave a thrill with a romantic touch for So Joo-yeon.

Kakao TV’s original web drama ‘A Love So Beautiful’ (planned Kakao M, produced by Ynot Media) is a cheerful high school girl Shin Sol (played by So Joo-yeon), a childhood friend Cha Heon (played by Kim Yo-han), whom he loves for 17 years. It is a romance summoning the first love that contains the stories of friends who have been together.

In the 14th episode, which was released on the 28th, Shin Sol, who misunderstood that he likes his classmate Oh Hee-ji (Park Ji-won), treats Cha Heon unsatisfactorily, and Cha Heon’s fresh and romantic touch toward Shin Sol was activated.

In order to restore the relationship with Shin Sol, who had become awkward, Cha Heon visited Shin Sol reading a book in the library and took a seat next to him. Then, he looked at Shin Sol reading a book, and, unknowingly, he passed Shin Sol’s hair behind his ear with a ballpoint pen. Shin Sol was surprised, and Cha Heon, who pretended to be okay while embarrassed by an act unconsciously brought on the peculiar pink excitement of first love. In addition, it was revealed that Oh Hee-ji, who had unrequited love for Cha Heon, had suffered from depression, and the reason why Cha Heon had taken care of Oh Hee-ji was revealed, and the misunderstanding of Shin Sol was naturally resolved.

Cha Heon, who was an iron man who was difficult to approach at the beginning of the drama, opens his heart to Shin Sol as the days go by, and shows more and more interest and affection. In addition to the hair passing skinship revealed in Episode 14, Cha Heon also showed off a refreshing bicycle skinship by giving Shin Sol to hold on to the back of the bicycle while holding the waist tightly. In addition, the hearts of viewers were bombarded day after day with a stroking skinship that strokes Shin Sol’s head at romantic moments such as a white Christmas, a night walk in which a shooting star falls, and a soccer field date. The character of Cha Hun, who not only has a warm visual and a blunt appearance, but also presents a sweet touch moment, is receiving favorable reviews and interests as ‘the first love spirit’ and ‘first love craftsman’.

Cha Heon and Shin Sol, who had been wishing for a while due to a misunderstanding, are getting closer again, and in Episode 15, which will be released at 5 pm on the 30th (Sat), a sparkling triangle date between Cha Heon and Woo Dae-sung (played by Yeo Hoe-hyun) with Shin Sol. Unfolds. Cha-heon and Woo Dae-sung, who have given off their own charms in the classroom and swimming pool, are scheduled to catch the attention with conflicting charms this time on a pocket ball date at the billiards room. With Shin Sol, who enjoys playing a pocket ball game in the middle, Cha Heon and Woo Dae-sung start a serious game with the determination that Shin Sol will never lose in front of him. Cha Heon, who has nothing he can’t do, and Cha Heon, who is the top class for sports, stimulates curiosity about who will be the winner of the pocket ball confrontation, and interest in the ending of the triangle date is increasing as to which of the two can capture Shin Sol’s heart. .

Kakao M’s ‘A Love So Beautiful’ is released every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5 pm on Kakao TV. 20 minutes each, 24 times in total.


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