‘Cultwo Show’ Sleepy “My album, released last year, failed, but I feel happier than ever”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper Sleepy made listeners’ moods up with an optimistic attitude.

On the 29th aired on the 29th, SBS Power FM’s ‘2’o clock Escape Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cultwo Show’) corner ‘Injury Sergeant’, Park Seong-gwang as a special DJ and Sleepy as a guest appeared. Sleepy greeted brightly, saying, “It’s Sleepy who’s doing well. The profits have improved and the happiness index is up.” DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “But today is the time to talk about losses. Have you ever suffered any losses?”

Sleepy replied, “I think it’s a sell-off even if I see damage. I haven’t been paid to get paid even when I was a child.” DJ Park Seong-gwang asked, “The face is a little good. So I don’t think it’s a lot. My ears are thin.”

When Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Do you lend money often?” he replied, “I have never done that. No one asks me to lend money.” “I’m currently in the business of an agency (PVO). I released 12 albums last year, but all of them failed. It usually costs about 1 million won to produce an album. Music videos cost 5 million won each. Last year, around 25 million won. I lost money,” he added. “I also made a carol under the name of ‘Santa-hyung’ in December, but it failed.

Kim Tae-gyun asked Sleepy, “Can’t you make money with sub character Sung-won?” Sleepy released the trot song ‘It’s Because of Money’ with the book ‘Sung-won’, taken from her real name last year. Sleepy replied, “People don’t know that there was a book. I bought glasses and wore hanbok according to the concept. But everyone knows as much as Sleepy, who wears hanbok these days,” and aroused regret from listeners.

He said, “Last October, Mr. Yeong-tak produced ‘It’s Because of Money,’ and he also promotes it. Young-tak fans helped him to make a music video of 1 million. But the money came in only about 300,000 won. Everyone watched the music video. “Look at it” and made a laugh. Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Which song would you like to play among Sleepy’s new untouchable ‘Pandemic’ and Sung-won’s ‘It’s because of the money’?” and Sleepy chose ‘It’s because of the money’. He revealed the reason for the selection, saying, “This untouchable song is about a teaser.”

After listening to the song, Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Is there anything that says this is better than others?” Sleepy replied, “No. Rap?”, and Kim Tae-gyun asked once again, “Didn’t you qualify for Show Me The Money?” In 2017, Sleepy tasted the high degree of dropping out in the 4th qualifier of Mnet Lab Survival ‘Show Me the Money 6’. Park Seong-gwang said, “Why are you talking about his gloomy past? Let’s trot it” Sleepy said, “But the trot went to the finals” and received it well. Sleepy participated in the MBN Trot audition entertainment ‘Voice Trot’ last year and climbed to the finals.

He added, “I can’t say no. So I do what I tell you. I’ll try my best.” Kim Tae-gyun laughed, saying, “Why do you say what you can’t do because you say what you’re good at. Sleepy’s talk can’t be determined.”

Kim Tae-gyun also asked, “Is he good at complaining?” To this, Sleepy replied, “I am not good. Simple things are okay, but I am not good at situations where I have to raise my voice loudly. There is no gang. It is scary.” Park Seong-gwang advised, “I used to be like that. But I changed to the idea that I had to find the right right. It’s okay if I calmly talk with the top person.” Kim Tae-gyun trembled, saying, “There is a person who is good at him and I leave it to him.” Park Seong-gwang also agreed, saying, “That’s right. My wife (Lee Sol) can make complaint in 5 minutes that I will take an hour.”

In the second half of the broadcast, Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Our corner guests should leave a quote about money at the end. Tell me one.” Sleepy said, “Since I was a child, I’ve been told, ‘Don’t chase money.’ But personally, I want to say, ‘Don’t chase money.’ If you try hard to earn money, you earn money. I did. Hold it to the end.” “Of course, health is number one. Then money. The gap is not big. Let’s be happy.”

On the other hand, Sleepy’s Untouchable released a new song ‘Pandemic’ after 6 years on the 14th.


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