HyunA, 14.8 million Instagram followers…”Fans worry when I don’t post something on social media” (‘MMTG’)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

HyunA revealed that she is using SNS as a communication channel with fans.

HyunA, who returned to the mini album ‘I’m Not Cool’, appeared as a guest in the SBS web entertainment ‘MMTG’ released on the 28th.

On this day, MC Jaejae exclaimed, “I doubted both eyes. HyunA’s SNS followers are not 1.4 million people (based on the shooting date), but a whopping 14.7 million. It is a talk back and forth around the TOP 10 in Korea.” On the 28th when the video was released, the number of followers increased to 14.8 million.

In response, HyunA said, “This is my communication channel. If you look at your social media profile, it says ‘Hyunaing’. ‘A-ing’ is the name of the fan club. I think what I am good at, I take a picture (with fans) I made a pledge to communicate. It seems like my followers have accumulated because I do it consistently.”

She added, “I am a little worried these days. What kind of photo should I upload?” Jaejae said, “You must have felt the burden compared to before,” and HyunA confessed, “When I take a break from SNS, the burden arises because fans are worried about the news.”

Jaejae asked, “But if you always have a lot of Instagram followers, follow is 0. What does this mean?” and HyunA said, “I think SNS is my notepad (rather than socializing). And there is no one who wants to follow me. I think it’s been 5 years since I heard that.”

Jaejae trembled, saying, “The celebrities didn’t do it because there was no one who wanted to do it. Hyuna wants to ask for a fight.”

Meanwhile, Hyuna released her 7th mini album ‘I’m Not Cool’ on this day.


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