Jeong Gu-ho, Lee Yoon-oh, new album general art directing

Jeong Gu-ho (left), Lee Yun-oh. Provide|Speaker

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Fashion designer and creative director (CD) Jeong Gu-ho will shoot for support by acting as the general art director for singer Lee Yoon-oh’s new single album ‘My Funny Valentine’, who will come back on February 2nd.

Since launching ‘Guho’, a fashion brand under his name in 1997, Jeong Gu-ho has successfully led a number of brand sales growth and rebuilding projects, crossing women’s wear, casual wear, and sports. As the general director of Seoul Fashion Week, Jeong Gu-ho, who became a world-class fashion designer, worked hard to strengthen the global competitiveness of domestic fashion designers.

Jeong Gu-ho, a renowned stage artist, was evaluated as a ‘director who awakens the beauty of Korea’ through a number of works such as ‘Mukhyang’ and ‘Feast’ by the National Dance Company, and ‘The Camellia Flower Girl’ by the National Opera Company. Received the presidential citation, the best prize at the ‘Fashion Awards’.

Above all, it is extremely unusual for Jeong Gu-ho to participate in a new album as an art director. This is the reason for the high expectations for the completeness of the album ‘My Funny Valentine’ to be made with Lee Yoon-oh, a rising rookie of the year, with Jeong Gu-ho focusing on ‘the essence of art.

In particular, this is the title track of Lee Yoon-oh’s new song ‘Give me love’, which was released half a year after ‘Full Cha’ in August of last year, and is a jazz ballad with poetic lyrics and unique melody.

Lee Yoon-oh ‘Give me love’ MV teaser. Photo|Video capture

The music video teaser video of ‘Give me love’, released on the 28th, lists black-and-white objects such as classical LPs and guitars along with jazz tunes, and the gentle afternoon sun and shadows catch the eye.

Lee Yoon-oh was loved by releasing the single ‘Gadeukcha’ in 2020, and is a new singer-songwriter showing various musical potentials, including lyrics, composition, and arrangement, as well as producing albums by several singers.

Lee Yoon-oh, an artist belonging to ‘SPEEKER’, an entertainment management company founded by SM Entertainment and S-Team, is set to produce and release a regular album this year.

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