Lee Min-jung left a comment on Lee Byung-heon’s acting “Do it right”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Byung-heon showed a situational drama, while his wife Lee Min-jung left a comment and made their fans laughed.

On the 28th, Lee Byung-heon posted a post and a photo on his Instagram on the 28th, saying, “Your acting is so terrible. Listen carefully… Raise your head… #The Man Standing Next #Son Seok-woo”.

In the released photo, Lee Byung-hun is talking with Sohn Seok-woo, the representative of his agency at the time of filming the film ‘The Man Standing Next’ which was released in January last year. Son Seok-woo is looking at Lee Byung-heon with his chin on. On the other hand, Lee Byung-heon is dropping his head, and it seems as if he is being scolded.

Lee Min-jung, who saw this, said, “I’m sorry, senior” and said, “Do it right,” and joined the situational drama and made their fans laugh.

Lee Byung-hun married actor Lee Min-jung in 2013 and has one son. He is currently filming the movie ‘Game (tentative title)’.


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