‘Mom Café’ success of the first broadcast… Lee Dong-guk x Choi Hee’s strategy succeeded

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The ‘Mom Café’, which took off the veil, formed a strong consensus from the first episode and captured viewers.

T-Cast E channel’s new entertainment show, ‘Mom Café’, first aired on the 28th, aroused 200% of the sympathy of hearts across the country with the reality of child-rearing without addition and subtraction of ‘K League Legend’ Lee Dong-guk and ‘Baseball Goddess’ Choi Hee. In addition, the reactions and advice from the experiences of members of Mom Café such as Lee Yoo-ri, Jang Yoon-jung, Hong Hyun-hee, Bae Yoon-jung, and Song Kyung-A have raised the addictiveness of ‘Mom Café’. The audience rating broke the record for the first broadcast of its own productions.

# Choi Hee “Her thought is changed while giving a birth”

Choi Hee revealed her 50-day-old daughter Seo-hoo for the first time, and showed the daily routine of a new mom. It has been a long time since she gave up eating properly while caring for a newborn baby. While the baby was asleep, she hurriedly eats, but when she cried again when she couldn’t eat less than half, she quickly ran to hug him. She also developed a habit of complaining to herself while caring for my baby all day.

Choi Hee said, “Before childbirth, I lived with self-centeredness. I was wondering ‘Will a person like me become a mother?’ When I gave birth to a baby, I thought ‘I can do anything for my baby’.” She said, “There is a story about giving birth to the brain when giving birth. I can’t remember these days. Oh, I’m really doing well. My self-confidence grows. At the same time, I think, ‘I want to go to work quickly, but I want to quit breastfeeding and lose weight.’ Little by little, it comes up in my chest.”

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# Friendy Lee Dong-guk, Jae-si and Jae-ah Twins Dilemma

Lee Dong-guk was worried about the twin daughters Jae-si and Jae-ah, who had distinctly different tendencies. Jae-si was interested in appearance, music and fashion, and was full of excitement and talent. On the other hand, Jae-ah inherited her father’s talent and was a tennis rookie who swept the world championships and only thought about sports.

There was also a difference in how Lee Dong-guk spent time with his two daughters. On the way to see dresses, Jae-si, who is attending as an award-winner at the entertainment awards, bloomed a heart-warming story. On the other hand, Jae-ah, the tree of tennis dreams, was no different from the appearance of seniors and juniors in sports. While playing tennis together, they stimulated each other with an overflowing desire to win.

# Stars’ Tips + Counseling ‘200% Empathy’

Transferring tips and counseling of members who are immersed in their work were the charms of ‘Mom Cafe’. There are practical tips for child-rearing, such as how to stop hiccups in newborns and know-how to sleep well. Viewers were able to see the fun of seeing the daily life of stars and information on childrearing together.

In addition, Jang Yoon-jung gave an advice to Choi Hee, a’ beginner of childcare’ who is overwhelmed by worries and self-confidence, said, “If you pour too much stuff into it, it’s that hard. It hurts just when the baby cries. It’s just like a baby’s words.” It will make your mind more comfortable.”

After the broadcast, the passionate sympathy of real hearts poured out. Actually, in Mom Cafe, “I think of the past and have a lot of sympathy”, “Choi Hee bursts with the words of ‘You were suddenly changed while giving a birth’,” “I saw it by accident, but I fell in love”, etc. The reviews are continuing.

Lee Dong-guk, Jang Yoon-jung, Lee Yoo-ri, Hong Hyun-hee, Choi Hee, Song Kyung-A, and Bae Yoon-jung’s ‘Mom Café’ will be broadcast every Thursday at 8:50 PM on the E-channel of T-Cast.


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