‘Nobody knows’ the seriousness of negligence on child abuse

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Movie Room’ is decorated with a special movie about the blind spots of child abuse.

JTBC’s ‘Movie Room’, which airs on the 31st (Sun), deals with ‘a child client’, a movie that reveals the brutality of ‘Chilgok Child Abuse Case,’ and ‘Nobody Knows’, a movie of the ‘Child Neglect case in Japan’. Kim Ye-won, a lawyer who specializes in human rights violations, and Namgung In, a specialist in emergency medicine, appeared as guests and presented the disastrous facts and solutions of child abuse.

Among the talks about the movie ‘Nobody Knows’, Dr. Namgung In said, “The actual neglect abuse is often done by ordinary people, not special people, but the movie calmly expressed this reality.” “Especially educational neglect, emotional neglect, It is a work that contains everything that happens in neglect, such as medical neglect and economic neglect.”

Attorney Kim Ye-won commented on the status of child neglect and said, “Neglect abuse is the second highest among child abuse deaths after physical abuse. Nevertheless, it is a pity that the problem is not taken seriously because it is difficult to grasp the situation.”

Reporter Joo Seong-cheol said, “Especially these days, due to the prolonged COVID-19, the number of children exposed to neglect continues to increase, so more careful observation and attention are needed.”

On the other hand, attorney Kim Ye-won raised issues such as ‘immediate separation’ and ‘prison sentence’ for the ‘Yangcheon child abuse case’ known as the ‘Jung-in case’, mentioning that it is time for a practical bill to come out, and the necessity of an effective law I raised my voice.

JTBC’s ‘Movie Room’, which deals with the reality of child abuse, will be broadcast on the 31st (Sun) at 10:30 am.


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