Park So-dam with senior actors Shin Gu and Lee Soon-jae and looks familiar… “Grandfather Henri and me”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Park So-dam boasted a friendly chemistry with senior actors Shin Gu and Lee Soon-jae.

On the 29th, Park So-dam posted a photo on his Instagram with a post saying, “Now soon! 11 o’clock #’Grandfather Henri and me’ are the last…ticket open. It’s the last time… Let’s be together.

In the released photo, Shin Gu, Park So-dam, and Lee Soon-jae, who appear together in the play ‘Grandfather Henri and me’ are smiling tenderly. Park So-dam is posing with his arms crossed among the seniors. Park So-dam, who is smiling brightly, is as cute as her granddaughter. Shin Gu and Lee Soon-jae have a profound yet charismatic atmosphere.

Netizens responded with “Look at So-dam laughing”, “Three people look so good”, “You have to be healthy”, “I enjoyed the play”.

Meanwhile, the play ‘Grandfather Henri and me’ ends on February 14th. Park So-dam chose Lee Hae-young’s movie ‘Ghost’ as her next work.

Photo| Sodam Park SNS

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