Red Velvet Yeri, a New Yorker-like atmosphere in Korea

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Red Velvet member Yeri boasted a New Yorker-like atmosphere.

Yeri posted a photo on her Instagram on the 29th without any other words. In the released photo, the image of Yeri was taken by the group April Na-eun, a friend of the same age.

Yeri is staring at the side holding a mug with the size of her face in a cafe. Not only the ‘USA’ engraved on the cup, but also the hat and the frame on the wall are written in English, so it looks like a foreign country, not Korea. Ye-ri wears a hat and glasses hoodie to show off her modest and sophisticated charm.

Netizens responded with “I guess they are close”, “Yeri is always pretty”, “Our youngest child”, and “Let’s be happy.”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet, to which Yeri belongs, won the main prize in the digital sound source category at the ’35th Golden Disc Awards with Curaprox’ held on the 9th.

Photo| Yeri SNS

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