‘True Beauty’ Kang Min-ah “The synchro rate with the original Soo-ah is 30%” [Pictorial]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kang Min-ah, who is appearing in the role of ‘Choi Soo-ah’, the strongest new spring high school in tvN ‘True Beauty’, shared the February 2021 pictorial with Star & Style magazine @star1.

In this pictorial, which took place in a calm and modern atmosphere, Kang Min-ah drew admiration from the on-site staff with a flexible and elegant pose and deep expression of eyes.

Kang Min-ah plays the role of ‘Choi Soo-ah’, who boasts the strongest personal power in tvN ‘True Beauty’ based on the popular webtoon. The synchro rate with the original character is about 30%. “The director added a little more flesh to the character, saying, “I hope that Soo-ah is cute and lively and appears as the popular girl in the school. Thanks to that, I was able to become the cutest Choi Soo-ah of Saebom High School.”

Kang Min-ah said that the scene was always cheerful and fun because it was filming with actors of her age. “Before the director started shooting in earnest, she made a separate seat saying that she wished the actors would become close to each other. “I debuted as a child actor early and have never been on a school trip when I was in school, but I was happy to be able to leave good memories with the actors by filming a school trip scene in ‘True Beauty’.” She expressed her gratitude to the actors who had been with her.

Kang Min-ah, whose fan club name is ‘Almond Bong-Bong’, and the fans are nicknamed ‘Bong-Bong-i’, said, “I was happy to go around the GV and communicate with many people when the movie ‘Park Hwa-young’ was released. She also revealed that she was looking forward to meeting with fans, saying, “I want to hold a fan meeting where I can meet people close and talk a lot.”

New Year. You can check out the pictorial and interview of Kang Min-ah, who says she wants to work harder than anyone else, saying that her own year has come back, in the February 2021 issue of AtStyle magazine.


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