‘Unanswered Questions’ ghosts in single room, social safety net system lighting

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the SBS current affairs program ‘K-entertainment, TV show, Unanswered Questions,’, broadcast on the 30th, we look at the Korean social safety net system revealed through the recent death incident.

# Single room, the death of the closed room

In September 2020, Kim, a woman in her 50s, who lived in a multi-family house in Changwon, Gyeongnam, disappeared. It was around that time that a strange odor began to spread in the building where she lived. A strange neighbor reported to 119, and when the door was opened, Kim’s body was found, which was so black that it was difficult to recognize.

However, she’s not the only victim. Next to her was another corpse lying side by side. The person who was with Kim was Park Soo-jung (pseudonym), 22, Kim’s daughter. The residents were astonished when they saw the mother and daughter being carried on a stretcher.

“I have never seen my daughter. I. At that time I knew someone or a daughter just because they were dead. That my daughter is here.”

The existence of an unfamiliar daughter even though she moved in for six years, and the death of a mother and daughter who no one knew about until the end of a month after her death left many questions. In addition, when the body was discovered, it was difficult to enter the house from the outside because the front door and door were tied with strings. A room that has been blocked from contact with the outside and has become a closed room, what happened to the mother and daughter in the room?

The police investigated with all possibilities open to murder and suicide, but could not find any special clues. The situation at the site of the discovery of the body has even raised the possibility that one of the mothers and daughters killed the other and committed suicide. The results of the autopsy made the case even more labyrinth. Since neither body had any trauma or poison reaction, the exact cause of death could not be determined.

It was possible to estimate loneliness or starvation based on the financial conditions of the poor mother and daughter, but at the time of the discovery of the body, rice and other food remained in the house, and it was confirmed that it was sufficient to settle the meal for a while. In addition, experts explained that starving yourself is very difficult because the process is so painful. Sudden death in a closed room where neither suicide nor death can be proven scientifically. Why did mother and daughter face such a tragedy?

# Ghost trail

Like a ghost, a mother and daughter who did not know the existence of the neighbors well. However, the friends of Soo-jung, whom I met after questioning, told an unexpected story. Soo-jung said that she was very active in the usual time, was keen on her studies to the extent that she had good foreign language grades, and liked drawing. After graduating from high school, she said she wanted to help people and obtained a nursing care license. Her friends said they couldn’t believe that she was preparing for the future with a bright appearance and faced a mysterious death.

As a result of the interview, it was confirmed that Sujeong stayed away from her mother and became an adult after graduating from high school, and has been with her mother for the past two years. Sujeong’s existence, which even neighbors did not know during that long time, what happened to her? Why did the dreamy girl die without leaving the room?

An old single room where no one enters now. Only Sujeong’s paintings, which are laid out like wallpaper, show traces that the mother and daughter lived here. Pictures that are bizarre but seem pathetic. Could these pictures be a clue to the reasons why mother and daughter died together?

# And, our death

At the same time, in Seoul, there was a man who left a single room and went out of the world. 37-year-old Choi Dong-wook (pseudonym) was sitting with a sign in front of a subway station with bare hands and feet. A social worker who accidentally passed by when she saw the letter asking for help, said that her mother had died.

“My mother’s soul is in heaven. So, where is the mother’s body? So the body is there, it is. Is that your mother’s room? So they said yes.”

In any case, a worker visited the house with Dong-wook. In the room where I opened the door, bugs poured out, and there was a mother wrapped in a blanket. So Dongwook’s mother was found half a year after her death. According to Dong-wook’s explanation, her mother, Jang (pseudonym), said that she had not breathed after she suddenly collapsed, saying he had a sore arm.

Although an adult, Dong-wook, who had a developmental disability, was only able to keep her mother from breathing. As time passed, flies flew around  Jang, and maggots began to form. In order to make her mother sick more, Dong-wook brought a blanket, covered it on her mother, and wrapped the edge with tape. So, it is said that Dong-wook and her mother in the futon spent some time together in a small single room in the metropolitan city of Seoul.

Why did Soojung’s mother and daughter and Dongwook’s hat have to be known to the world as cold ghosts in a single room? In’I want to know that’, aired on the 30th, we try to think about what our society should do in order to overcome the problem of the gap between the rich and the poor and prepare the minimum device for all members of the society to survive humanly.


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