‘Vinsenzo’ dark hero Song Joong-ki sortie… Second teaser release

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‘Vinsenzo’ Song Joong-ki announced the birth of a dark hero without mercy.

On the 29th, tvN’s new Saturday drama ‘Vinsenzo’ (played by Park Jae-beom, director Kim Hee-won), which will be aired for the first time on February 20 following the ‘Queen Cheorin’, released a second teaser video that stimulates exhilarating catharsis. Following the cool warning of Vincenzo (played by Song Joong-ki) that he will never forgive, the appearance of extraordinary villains raises expectations.

Vincenzo, one of the most anticipated works of the first half of 2021, describes the story of an Italian mafia lawyer who came to Korea due to an organization’s betrayal, working with a veteran self-cultivation lawyer to wipe out a villain in the manner of a villain. A variant villain that cannot be punished by law. The dreadful and fiery justice of dark heroes against the field presents catharsis. Director Kim Hee-won, who showed the power of sensational directing in ‘The Crowned Clown’ and ‘Money Flower’, grabbed a megaphone, and was absolutely complete with solid writing skills and wit such as ‘The Fiery Priest’, ‘Good Manager’, ‘Good Doctor’, and ‘Quiz Of God’. Trusted author Park Jae-beom is in charge of writing, making drama fans excited. In the meeting of the production crew of ‘Hit Maker’, actors who do not need explanation such as Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-bin, Ok Taek-yeon, Yoo Jae-myeong, Kim Yeo-jin, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Jo Han-cheol were added to predict the birth of the ‘Pleasure Buster (Pleasure + Blockbuster)’ with a different level of scale. do.

The second teaser video released on this day begins with a warning from the harsh mafia lawyer Vincenzo. His veiled deeds pass over the cold voice, “Evil is punished by evil”. As Vincenzo, who existed in the dark, appears, a fierce flame is foreshadowed in the world of the villains. Hong Yoo-chan (played by Yoo Jae-myeong) is more meaningful when he said, “I wish a real monster appeared and wiped out all these bad cubs.”

In the video that follows, Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bin), a lawyer for ‘Dokjong’, is also interesting. Hong Cha-young joined hands with Vincenzo, advocating the principle of “Do not harm people’s lives.” However, just like the intuition of Jang Joon-woo (played by Ok Taek-yeon) that the feeling is strange, the face of ‘evil’ without mercy is revealed to Vincenzo who aims a gun at someone. Here, the appearance of villain Choi Myung-hee (played by Kim Yeo-jin), saying, “Do not show off”, stimulates Vincenzo even more. “I came to warn, not negotiate. I will never forgive this trash thing.” Vincenzo stood in front of a collapsing building. The ‘Vinsenzo’ game that will wipe out villains stimulates anticipation.

The face of the unveiled characters stimulates curiosity with the birth of ‘Dark Hero’, which is more violent than the villain. Of course, Song Joong-ki’s strong aura, who possesses a mafia conciliery to the bones, as well as the unusual transformations of Jeon Yeo-bin and Ok Taek-yeon add to curiosity. Yoo Jae-myeong who plays as ‘Hong Yoo-chan’, a villain who has no blood and tears, Yeo-jin Kim transforms into ‘Choi Myeong-hee’, and Kwak Dong-yeon as ‘Jang Han-seo’, the head of the barbell group, who is obsessed with fighting. The extraordinary presence of those who raised the story raises expectations.

When the 2nd teaser video of ‘Vinsenzo’ was released, various SNS and portal sites appeared, “The more I take off the veil, the more I am curious”, “What is the scale?” Just looking at the teaser is thrilling”, “Song Joong-ki’s dark hero, cold but sexy”, “Villans’ hard carry is also expected”, “Kim Yeo-jin’s dialogue, Do not be shy, intense”, “Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-bin, Ok Taek-yeon’s synergy is expected”, Hot reactions such as “There is no reason not to see the writer, director, and actor” poured out.

On the other hand, tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Vinsenzo’ will be aired for the first time on Saturday, February 20th at 9pm.


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