2PM, preparing for a comeback “It’s the biggest wish to see the fans in person”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group 2PM showed off special teamwork by appearing on its own contents and popular entertainment programs, raising expectations for a complete comeback. Ahead of Junho’s discharge in March, he is showing a sense of entertainment that has risen from various broadcaster programs as well as new web contents.

Recently, JYP Entertainment presented a delightful sight to fans through its own content series’WILD SIX’. In this ‘WILD SIX’, Nichkhun, Junho, and Chan-sung participated in ‘Gurum Hyunchin’ and JUN. It is a project that connects the videos released during the military period, such as Jun.K, Nichkhun, and Woo-young’s’ Sunhyeon Bear’, and is attracting attention as a content that will soon appear in full six people.

In the first episode of ‘WILD SIX’ released on January 31st, JUN. The three members JUN.K, Woo-young, and Chan-sung boasted a unique breath with honest and plain talk. They had time to update the members’ tastes by filling in each other’s profiles, and in a telepathic balance game where they chose one of the two answers, they struck out the smiles of those who were shouting out the wrong and correct answers.

Among them, Chan-sung was asked, “I want to see a hottest (fandom name: HOTTEST)? I love you?” and replied, “It is basic to love, and I really want to see you in front of my eyes these days,” revealing the affection for fans. JUN. K said, “I’ve taken a filming with Chan-sung and Woo-young and me. I will come back with good content.” Woo-young said, “Now, I will communicate a lot with our fans through ‘WILD SIX’. I hope you enjoy watching it,” he added.

They are also playing an active part in a number of popular entertainment shows and delivering fun to the public. Woo-young appeared on Mnet ‘I Can See Your Voice 8’on the 29th of last month and showed off his witty talk. In addition, Woo-young and Chan-sung showed off their real friendship with the appearance of immersing in movement and choreography practice to find the original beast stone as the original beast in MBC ‘I Live Alone’ broadcast on the same day.

Meanwhile, 2PM caused a reverse run of ‘My House’ in 2020, proving its presence as a K-pop male idol with a unique character. Recently, ahead of a complete comeback, she has shown various charms through the release of solo albums and appearances on broadcasts.


Photoㅣ’WILD SIX’ video screen capture

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