‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’ HyunA, the stage leader came back with ‘I’m Not Cool’ #30 #DAWN #Health

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

HyunA, a hot icon in the music industry, has now returned.

Singer HyunA appeared as a guest in the ‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’, aired on the 1st.

On this day, DJ Choi Hwa-jung looked at HyunA’s fashion and asked, “Do you usually go so gorgeously?” HyunA explained, “I usually wear it harder. I like colorful things. Today, I tried it because I heard that you love pink.” She also poses with a pink bag in the shape of a phone.

Choi Hwa-jung asked, “HyunA is really very pretty. Is her health better?” and HyunA replied, “I got better. I am trying hard to manage my health.”

When asked “I thought I would have wanted to come back to the stage a lot”, “I thought I was crazy. I missed it. There are times when the stage is overwhelming, but when I am on stage, I feel alive. I am troubled by losing a lot of weight. I am troubled by losing a lot of weight. I maintain my weight while eating an ion drink. I try to do it.”

About the new album ‘I’m not Cool’, HyunA said, “I pretend I’m really cool, but it’s an album that I started with the idea that it doesn’t look cool. Psy, the CEO of my agency, gave me an idea. This album contains a lot of my images. I was curious how the fans would see it because it was on the side.”

“Especially, I paid a lot of attention to the music video. (After 5 days) I have already exceeded 10 million views. Thank you for loving me a lot. I really care about the mood of the music video. I watch a lot of books and movies, but there are many books and movies. I pulled out the mood I wanted,” she added. Choi Hwa-jung showed a music video through a radio that looks sensible.

After the MV was over, Choi Hwa-jung asked, “This song actually seems to be of the highest level. This is the first time I watched a music video. Is there any regret about the music video?”

HyunA said, “There is no regret. But, if I pick only one thing, there is a regret of working a little harder in the last group dance scene. At the time, I was physically discharged. I think the music video will remain for a lifetime. I will work a little harder. I wanted to do it, but at that time I was afraid I would fall.”

When asked if there is someone I want to resemble, “It’s not true. But when I see someone with a different charm than me, I think it’s attractive. It seems to be relative. For example, Hyo-jung of Oh My Girl is laughing every day. Something is refreshing. This is the first time I’m talking about, but I like Twice as well. I look for a lot of stages. I see all of the members. Just looking at it makes me feel better.” On the other hand, to the question, “There are a lot of HyunA fans in the entertainment industry,” the listener said, “I didn’t know that I’m really popular to other celebrities, but when I meet them while walking along the street, they tell me that they are my fans. Because celebrities are fans, I’m really curious and thankful.” It made people laugh.

In the middle of the broadcast, a listener sent a real-time text message saying, “HyunA, how do you feel about turning 30 this year?” HyunA replied, “I haven’t had a chance to realize it yet. There is just a point where my physical strength has fallen a lot. I don’t have a real feeling yet. I think I’ll know after passing.” Choi Hwa-jung said, “In the past, it was very scary to be thirty. In particular, it gave too much meaning to women. Nowadays, it’s not like the old thirty, so you probably can’t feel it.”

Another listener asked, “I’m curious about what’s in the bag,” and HyunA took out the items and introduced them. Among them was HyunA’s mobile phone. HyunA said, “The wallpaper is DAWN. I put a sticker on his face.” HyunA has been in public dating with singer Dunn since 2018.

When Choi Hwa-jung asked, “Did you give this CD to the CEO, thankfully, this CD is sold out. I don’t have it. I’m making more now, but I’ll give it to the CEO as soon as possible.” She added, “Of course I couldn’t give it to DAWN. Usually, I write and exchange comments with each other indifferently.”

In the second half of the broadcast, HyunA greeted briefly, saying, “What are you saying.

On the other hand, HyunA released her 7th mini album ‘I’m Not Cool’ on January 28th.


Photo| SBS Visible Radio Capture

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