Lee Sun-hee on ‘Shall we talk?’, having a pleasant chatter view

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The National Diva’ Lee Sun-hee opens a delightful interview through chatting in Kakao TV’s original ‘Shall we talk?’, which will be released at 7 am on the 2nd (Tue).

In ‘Shall we talk?’, which is released on this day, Lee Sun-hee will meet with talker viewer Kim Eana, who is currently working together in ‘Sing Again’, on the stage of the concert hall, and share a genuine story about music and life in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

A variety of stories and charms from the recently changed life values to the introductory stage of SNS, as well as the use of a pleasant talking sense and unusual emoticons, are generously disclosed. The warm chemistry that evokes the emotion of Kim Eana will be delivered intact, and it is planned to provide warm healing to the hearts of viewers in the cold winter.

In particular, Lee Sun-hee is going to draw attention by telling a story about a new perspective of life that has brought various changes in daily life, including fashion, hairstyle, values, and hobbies. She said that she is trying to show her usual appearance and participate more comfortably in the broadcast. She said, “Let’s have more exchange and communication,” she said. “What if I get distracted, I wonder if I am going to the side?” I came to think.” Lee Sun-hee expressed her sincere feelings, saying, “Being like and dislike means that I have passion, and the reason my life keeps shaking and breaking cracks is because I want to fill those things.”

In an honest and serious conversation, she is planning to give a laugh with Kim Eana and exchanged with Kim Eana about the changed appearance, such as fashion and hairstyle, as well as conversation tone. In addition, she tells the story of his initiation on social media, and also reveals the episode that recently challenged Vlog. Actually, he confessed that he couldn’t upload because she was not able to upload because she filmed for nearly an hour with a direct cam at the ‘Sing Again’ filming site, as she’s a beginner who has just started SNS.

In addition to this, Lee Sun-hee has a deep prowess as a national singer and a senior in life, including the sense of responsibility she feels as a singer, confessing that he is learning new every day through the judges of ‘Sing Again’, and a story about the belief that much effort is needed to show the best stage.

Kakao M’s ‘Shall we talk?’ released every Tuesday at 7 am on Kakao TV is a new format called KakaoTalk interview that delicately depicts the exchange of subtle tensions and subtle emotions flowing even without a word. It properly snipes the sensibility of the comfortable 1530 young generation.


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