‘Mission Possible’ Kim Young-kwang “First challenge for action, pay attention to posture and form”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Young-kwang revealed that he cared about the action posture and form.

On the morning of the 1st, the online production report for the movie ‘Mission Possible’ was held. During the live online broadcast due to the COVID-19, director Kim Hyung-ju and actor Kim Young-kwang and Lee Sun-bin participated.

Kim Young-kwang said, “I set an excellent character as something that came out of my personality rather than set it up as something else, and acted comfortably.” I’m going to do it.”

In addition, Kim Young-kwang said, “There are a lot of actions in the back of the movie. It is almost the first challenge in action. I was very concerned about the attitude and form of the action.”

‘Mission Possible’ depicts a dizzying comical action in which the secret agent Yoo Da-hee, a secret agent who is full of passion and superiority, the president of a pre-paid post-payment private detective agency, cooperates strategically to resolve the arms trafficking case. Scheduled to be released in February.


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