‘Trot National Festival’ TOP 14, New Year Holiday ‘Trot National Grand Feast’ preparation

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Trot National Festival’ prepared a special Lunar New Year feast.

On the 1st, KBS2 ‘Trot National Festival’ side said, “The ‘Trot National Festival’ (director Kim Hae-ryong) will be broadcast at 6:40 pm on the 12th. We have prepared an exciting and rich Lunar New Year feast that can be enjoyed in the home for the people who cannot meet even during the Lunar New Year holidays due to the COVID-19, so we ask for your interest.”

In ‘Trot National Grand Feast’, many talents, including Jin Hae-sung, who succeeded in advancing to the semi-finals through the competing 4 round regional duet mission, Shin Seung-tae, Kim Yong-bin, Kim Yun-gil, Min Soo-hyun, Park Ye-seul, Shin Mi-rae, Ban Ga-hee, Oh Yu-jin, Sang-min & Sang-min, Jae-ha, Jung Ju-hyung, and Han Gang. Top 14 people will appear until the very best.

In addition, Seoul coaches Hong Gyeong-min and Shin-yu, and Gyeonggi coach Na Tae-ju also appear as MCs, adding not only a witty talk but also the fun to see with a smooth progression ability.

TOP14 will be divided into ‘Trot Team’ composed of male performers and ‘National Team’ composed of female performers, and will hold a colorful and entertaining feast that is rarely seen in contests, such as a yut-nori game and one-on-one karaoke big match.

TOP 14, which will continue to laugh and have fun together, will continue a savory confrontation over 12 local specialties in accordance with the purpose of the ‘Trot National Festival’ in which eight local players appear.

The duet special stage in which Gyeongsang Jin Hae-sung and Oh Yu-jin’s unrivaled sensibility will be harmonized is revealed through the ‘Trot National Grand Feast’, predicting a new legend stage.

The’Trot National Sports Festival’, which is scheduled to show off the charm by appearing in the’Trot National Grand Feast’, is held every Saturday at 10:30 pm.


Photo courtesy of KBS

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