Universe, Kang Daniel → (G)I-dle Sujin exclusive pictorial release…’Concept glance’

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

The global K-POP platform Universe has opened the universe’s original pictorial for the second time.

NCsoft Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Taek-jin, hereinafter NC (NC)) and Klap Co., Ltd. added the 2nd lineup of new original content pictorials of Universe on the 1st. The newly released pictorials include Kang Daniel, Monsta X member Shownu, ATEEZ member Yeosang, and (G)I-dle Sujin.

Previously, the pictorials featuring the unusual appearance of Park Ji-hoon, CIX member Bae Jin-young, AB6IX member Lee Dae-hwi, and IZ*one member Yena received a great response from fans.

In the released photo, Kang Daniel transformed into an explorer and showed off a different charm. The pictorial concept and sweet eyes using cute small items such as a telescope, backpack, and lantern attracted attention. In addition, Monsta X Shownu, who was newly born as a baseball team member, presented a unique energy with a perfect physical and fresh figure, and a uniform fit that cannot be met.

In particular, ATEEZ Yeosang’s image showed a reversal charm with a noir concept. The intense eyes shining under the red light overwhelmed the gaze. (G)I-dle Sujin showed freshness with a romantic yet classic costume concept, as if watching a scene from a classic movie.

The universe’s original pictorial is the exclusive content of ‘Universe’, which contains the different appearances of a total of 11 K-POP idols. The various concept pictorials previously released as the first and second lineups are scheduled to be released daily with various cuts for each member. In addition, pictorials of all group members who joined ‘Universe’ such as The Boyz, Astro, and WJSN will be shown in sequence.

On the other hand, the exclusive original pictorial of ‘Universe’, which contains the new and fresh appearance of K-POP stars off the stage, can be seen through the ‘Universe’ app from the 1st.


Photo courtesy| Klap

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