‘Afternoon Hope’ Golden Child X Treasure, energetic talks of boys shining like gold (Comprehensive)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Two twinkling boy groups, Golden Child and Treasure, boasted an energetic mouth.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’), which aired on the 2nd, Golden Child Jang Joon, Bo-min, Treasure Hyun-seok, and Jae-hyuk appeared as guests.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young said, “I hear a lot of saying that Jang Joon is good at talking.” Golden Child Jang Joon trembled, saying, “It’s a rising sun. The new year of 2021 is mine.” Bo-min also said, “Before the broadcast, a staff member was funny talking with Jang Joon, so he passed away.” Kim Shin-young said, “The youngest Bo-min also smirked a lot. It seems like he was in the corner, but the talk has increased.”

Kim Shin-young also said hello to Treasure and asked, “I heard that Treasure was also good at talking even though it wasn’t long after debut. Do you two appear on the show together?” In response, member Hyun-seok replied, “The two of us are called ‘mother and son’. Fans said we look like mother and son. Among 11 members, Jae-hyuk is the one who follows me best.”

Next, we talked about the two groups’ new albums. Kim Shin-young first asked, “The movie of Golden Child’s new song ‘I’ll Hug you’ is a work that has a lot of elaboration. And the concept is unique. How was it when you first heard the zombie concept?” Jang Joon said, “My CEO loves to challenge something new. It was the CEO’s intention this time. Still, it seems to be in line with this situation.”

Kim Shin-young also talked about the music video of the title song ‘I’ll Hug You’ and asked, “If you were chased by zombies with the members like in the music video, what would you do?” Jang Joon replied, “I will run away unconditionally. I will live first,” and Bo-min also said, “I will live from me too.” On the other hand, Hyun-seok of the junior group Treasure revealed the responsibility of the group’s mother, saying, “I’m going to sit down. I’ll make it work from me.” Jae-hyuk chose to run away, saying, “I’ll run quickly.”

When Kim Shin-young asked, “Golden Child’s stage performance is great. What do you think the killing part is?” Jang Joon smiled satisfactorily, saying, “It’s my part unconditionally. I roar at the end, but that’s so sexy.” Bo-min said, “It’s my part first, but the lyrics are related to the MV. In the MV, I held the female protagonist, and I felt that good.”

Kim Shin-young also said, “Treasure’s album is also very popular. I heard that Hyun-seok participated in all the songs except for this album. This is the next generation copyright mansour.” Accordingly, Treasure members Hyun-seok and Haruto participated in the lyrics and composition of all 11 albums except for the song ‘Going Crazy’ to attract attention. Hyun-seok said, “No,” and showed humility, and Jang-joon trembled, saying, “It’s not Mansour, it’s about Warren Buffett.” Kim Shin-young said, “That’s Jang Joon Buffett.”

He then asked, “There was a song called ‘Slow Motion’ given by AKMU Chan-hyuk on this album. How was your work with Chan-hyuk?” Hyun-seok said, “He accepted our idea well. He was a senior who gave good guidance.” Jae-hyuk also recalled the time that he was “very kind”.

When Kim Shin-young asked, “I heard that Jae-hyuk received a lot of business cards from the agency before his debut. What was his original dream?” Jae-hyuk said, “My father runs a company. So I tried to inherit that business and become a businessman. While preparing, YG Entertainment. I cast me and debuted as a treasure.” As a result, the senior members of the Golden Child gave the audience a laugh, saying, “Wow, You are rich.”

Jae-hyuk said, “(JTBC Entertainment)’I know my brother’ when asked, “What is the entertainment program you want to appear on the most?” When Kim Shin-young asked, “Who is your favorite star?”, he said, “I want to meet Kang Ho-dong,” and then sent a short video letter to Kang Ho-dong, saying, “My mobile phone algorithm always shows a video of you. I always watch it.”

In the second half of the broadcast, Golden Child Jang Joon said, “I will work hard on this activity as well. Let’s fight! Let’s win! Let’s get out!” and Jae-hyuk said, “Thank you for listening. Good night.” Kim Shin-young burst into laughter, saying, “As expected, Treasure is a global group. Goodnight greetings now.”

On the other hand, Golden Child released its fifth mini-album ‘YES’ on the 25th of last month and is active as the title song ‘Burn IT’. Treasure debuted in August last year, and on the 11th of last month, Treasure released the first regular album ‘THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT’.


Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture

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