‘If You Don’t Fight’ Hwang Su-hong x Ahn Jung-hwan, recalls the World Cup

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Former national team Hwang Sun-hong and Ahn Jung-hwan recalled the time of the World Cup.

Hwang Sun-hong and Ahn Jung-hwan appeared on MBC’s entertainment program ‘If You Don’t Fight’ (Director Kim Myung-Jin Hyun Jeong-wan) broadcasted on the 1st received ‘Best 1 Minute’ with 6.0% (Nielsen Korea Metropolitan Area) ratings. Recorded and received hot love.

Hwang Sun-hong and Ahn Jung-hwan created special oyster rice, oyster pancakes, and oyster sauce using ingredients obtained by sweating themselves, creating a brilliant lunch. In particular, Ahn Jung-hwan raised his thumb, saying, “It’s really sweet. It tastes different from what I ate elsewhere.” Hwang Sun-hong also nodded his head and admired the taste presented by nature.

On this day, in ‘If You Don’t Fight’, the struggle for the survival of Hwang Sun-hong and Ahn Jung-hwan was drawn. The story of two men who try to cook a bamboo barrel while making lunch with fresh oysters and dog fires re-taken by themselves and searching the mountains for dinner.

‘If You Don’t Fight’, which includes the two men’s stories, shows an increase in viewership ratings of about 1% compared to the previous week, and reveals the presence of a unique newcomer in Monday entertainment.

In this process, the analysis that the chemistry presented by Hwang Sun-hong, who repeatedly makes stretching mistakes and Ahn Jung-hwan, who responds one word to Hwang Sun-Hong’s constant nagging showed special power. Moreover, only ‘If You Don’t Fight’ raised the charm with intereating commentary by Kim Byeong-ji and Seol Ki-hyun, who went out as ‘back talkers’.

In addition, the story behind the World Cup could not be missed. In particular, Hwang Sun-hong asked for a ‘stake (?)’ saying, “If you weren’t me, you should immigrate” along with the fact that Ahn Jung-hwan’s golden goal against Italy was the starting point. In addition, after being held by coach Park Hang-seo, not after the first goal in Poland, he heard the story of Hiddink that he was “regretful” and confessed the story of giving Ahn Jung-hwan the starting position and made a laugh.

Meanwhile, the final story of Hwang Sun-hong and Ahn Jung-hwan’s self-sufficiency goes to viewers through ‘If You Don’t Fight’ at 9:20 pm on the 8th.


Photo courtesy| MBC
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