Kim Tae-woo, released the OST of ‘She Would Never Know’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Tae-woo will become the OST songwriter for ‘She Would Never Know’.

JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘She Would Never Know’ OST Part.4 ‘To You’ is an arrangement featuring elegant piano performances, gorgeous string strings, pop guitar sounds, and rhythmic drum & bass performances. The sweetest vocals of Korea’s best soul vocalist Kim Tae-woo were added to the lyrics filled with excitement.

Singer-songwriter Keith Mijoy and composer Choi Min-joon participated in the lyrics, composition, and arrangement, led by composer Han Kyung-soo, who composed MC the Max’s ‘Overflowing’ and Davichi’s ‘My last words I couldn’t tell you’.

Through ‘To You’, Kim Tae-woo digested the excitement and lyrics that announce the beginning of love in the play with his own style and atmosphere, further enhancing the completeness of the song.

In particular, ‘To You’ was a surprise appearance in the 4 ending scene that aired on the 26th, before the official release, attracting attention. In the play, part of the OST was inserted into the image of Hyun-seung (Ro-woon) who silently protects Song-ah (Won Jin-ah) who is playing at the club from behind, and gave viewers a sense of immersion and excitement.

The scene where the visual beauty like the music video and the sweet voice of luxury vocalist Kim Tae-woo met attracted many women’s hearts and continued to be well received, so many fans are expecting this OST release.

Meanwhile, ‘To You’ of Kim Tae-woo’s fourth OST of JTBC’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘She Would Never Know’ will be released on the 2nd at 6pm on the music source site.

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