Korea Drama Producers Association recruits 2021 trainees for ‘Broadcasting and Video Talent Education’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The Korea Drama Producers Association (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Association’, Chairman Song Byeong-joon) is recruiting second-year trainees from the ‘Broadcasting Video Talent Training Institute’ following last year in order to cultivate excellent broadcast video talents who can quickly adapt to rapidly changing platforms.

As part of the 2021 K-Global Broadcasting Video Contents Curriculum Operation Project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2021, the Broadcasting Video Talent Training Institute is an educational institution to strengthen the global competitiveness of the domestic broadcasting industry by cultivating broadcast video production and distribution experts with practical skills.

This year’s education is a total of three courses, a planning and production process for prospective broadcasters to experience broadcast production practices, a training course for broadcasting distribution and marketing professionals to develop overseas markets and establish a global export base, and production active in the field. For manpower, it consists of a process for strengthening expertise to secure global competitiveness and seek strategies to advance into diversified overseas markets such as OTT.

The regular course programs of the Broadcasting and Video Talent Education Center include basic broadcasting theory and practice (camera, lighting, sound, NLE editing, etc.), program planning and production practice, type and case analysis by genre, copyright law, practical marketing training, and broadcasting market visits. It is structured to learn the overall process of broadcasting video production and distribution, such as ▲’production practice’ to provide an opportunity to produce actual broadcasting video content, ▲’practical special lectures’ to share the experiences and knowledge of business people, ▲ production companies Various educational programs will be prepared to increase practical broadcasting video production capabilities, such as ‘producer commissioned education’, which can participate in various broadcasting program production sites that are actually produced by

The regular course in 2021 will be operated until the end of December in a total of three fields (planning/production process/marketing process/professional reinforcement process). Recruitment for trainees is accepted until February 25th (Thursday), and the successful applicants will be announced on March 5th (Friday), and interviews will be conducted on March 9th (Tuesday) and 10th (Wednesday). The final candidates will be announced.

This year, in consideration of the social distancing caused by the pandemic, a total of around 100 students were divided into the first and second half (50 students each in the first and second half of the planning and production process, 10 in the broadcasting distribution course, and 40 in the professional reinforcement course). It is being recruited, and the specialty reinforcement course (16 weeks course) for existing production personnel will be announced later.

The association’s education manager said, “With a high employment rate of more than 70% for trainees who have sincerely completed the education, the regular course of the Broadcasting Video Talent Training Center is a good training course for pre-broadcasters to directly learn the practical tasks necessary for the broadcasting industry. We plan to continuously operate related education with the aim of cultivating talented people who can produce cultural values beyond visual content.”

Details regarding the application for participation in this training can be found on the website of the Broadcasting and Video Talent Education Center.


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