‘Love on the Air’ Jung Dong-nam looks for a bereaved family he met 20 years ago

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Jung Dong-nam is looking for a bereaved family that must meet again.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Love on the Air’, which will be broadcast on the 3rd, Jung Dong-nam, ‘Human ambulance’, who must appear at the scene of an urgent disaster, will appear as a client.

Jung Dong-nam is a first-generation civilian rescue expert who has been leading the disaster relief volunteer work at various incidents in Korea. A hero of the Republic of Korea who was awarded two presidential citations and the National Medal of Camellia, he returned to the arms of his bereaved family some 580 people who had lost their lives due to unfortunate stories at numerous accident sites over the past 46 years.

Jung Dong-nam, who has been performing both acting and rescue activities throughout his life like this, commissioned the production crew of ‘Love on the Air’, saying that there is someone who must meet again among the many bereaved families he encountered while visiting many sites.

The family he is looking for is someone he met at the accident site 20 years ago. After hearing Jung Dong-nam’s story, Kim Won-hee pledges, “It seems like my steps are going to be treasured” and “I definitely want to find you”, raising questions about what the story is.

On this day’s broadcast, heartbreaking anecdotes related to unfortunate incidents and accidents that remain in Jung Dong-nam’s memory and breathtaking moments during rescue activities that risked their lives are also revealed. At the age of more than seventy, Jung Dong-nam radiates strong energy, and attention is focused on what is the driving force that made it possible to run to the field at any time.

Meanwhile, ‘Love on the Air’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 8:30 pm.



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