‘Phone cleansing’ Yoon Jong-shin meets police in the US… The Journey of the Struggle Gentiles

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The 9-month journey of singer Yoon Jong-shin’s tumultuous ‘Stranger Project’ will be unveiled for the first time in ‘Phone Cleansing’.

MBC’s new entertainment photo organizing service ‘Phone Cleansing’ (directed by Park Chang-hoon), which has become a hot topic with the different MC combinations of Yoon Jong-shin, Yoo In-na, and DinDin, is a variety talk show that organizes tens of thousands of photos in mobile phones that are piled up without being organized.

Yoon Jong-shin is raising interest by releasing 10,000 photos taken during his overseas stay for the ‘Stranger Project’ through ‘Phone Cleansing’ for the first time. In this regard, pictures of his turbulent American life are released to draw attention.

First, Yoon Jong-shin’s frozen expression confronts the US police and robs his gaze. It amplifies the curiosity of viewers, what kind of situation it will be just by looking at the picture. His eyes, a stiff posture, and the appearance of an American police car through the mirror make us guess the urgent situation at the time.

In this regard, Yoon Jong-shin recalled a dizzying moment, and he told an unexpected anecdote that was released after listening to an admonition in the US court for 30 minutes.

In another photo, the US image of the surge of COVID-19 in early March 2020, taken by Yoon Jong-shin, is contained. This is a picture of an empty mart display stand and a quiet college ballpark due to the hoarding craze. Locals who didn’t wear masks at the time saw Yoon Jong-shin wearing a mask and sent a look of caution. Yoon Jong-shin said, “I felt a stranger’s feelings from a vigilant gaze, and I was scared,” and he was interested in telling the story of an American local experience living in isolation.

What was it like for Yoon Jong-shin, who had a variety of photographs alone, to stay abroad? The behind-the-scenes story contained in more than 10,000 photos can be found in ‘Phone Cleansing’, which will be broadcast for the first time at 9:20 pm on the 9th.


Photo provided|MBC ‘Phone Cleansing’

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