Song Ji-hyo appeared in ‘Come to the Witch Restaurant’… transformed into a mystery witch

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Song Ji-hyo returns to the home theater as an attractive witch character.

The agency’s creative group I&G said, “Song Ji-hyo has confirmed the appearance of TVING’s original ‘Come to the Witch Restaurant’ (tentative title, screenplay Lee Young-sook, director Lee So-hyun).”

‘Come to the Witch Restaurant’, where Song Ji-hyo announced the appearance, is a dramatization of the novel of the same name by author Koo Sang-hee, the grand prize winner of the 3rd Kyobo Bookstore Story Contest. A fantasy human drama that sells food that fulfills people’s wishes, but not to anyone, and has to pay the corresponding price, but in the restaurant that makes it happen, witches and part-time workers harmonize with each other to capture the stories of customers.

In the play, Song Ji-hyo plays the role of Jo Hee-ra, a witch who sells food that fulfills people’s wishes in the play. Aside from her name, she is a mysterious character whose identity, such as her age, is unknown, with a strange expression and a cold personality that feels chilling even when standing still. Although possessed, it is expected to capture the attention of viewers as the owner of the magical charm and beautiful yet intense visuals.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo has been active in a wide range of genres, such as movies, dramas, and broadcasting, and has solidified her position by being loved by the public. In particular, the character of the cool face in the last year’s movie ‘Invaders’, as well as the proud and subjective super working mom character in JTBC’s ‘Was it Love’, took a step forward as an actor.

Expectations are already raised on the character of ‘Jo Hee-ra’, a witch that Song Ji-hyo will draw in this work. In particular, attention is focused on the appearance of the original work on the OTT platform as it has strong domestic and global recognition through the program.

Meanwhile, ‘Come to the Witch Restaurant’ starring Song Ji-hyo is an eight-part work and is scheduled to be broadcast on TVING in 2021.

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