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[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

HyunA showed off her colorful charms.

In MBC FM4U’s Afternoon Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’) broadcast on the 3rd, singer Hyun-ah, who made a comeback, appeared and talked.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young said, “I appeared in ‘Afternoon Hope´ after 1 year and 2 months. You are called Kim Shin-young’s best friend, but you know”, and HyunA laughed, “Because I have no friends.”

Kim Shin-young said, “I’m not cool” hit the jackpot, even outside of Korea. “Constipation dance” on social media was also upset,” and “There is a suspicion that it is similar to ‘Samba Dance’ in the theater version of Janggu.” Asked. To this, HyunA replied honestly, “Fans saw it and gave feedback. Then I remembered saying ‘Where did you see it?'” replied honestly.

Following the point choreography, HyunA advised, “Dance makes a lot of full-body exercise. You can guarantee a diet effect with ‘I’m Not Cool’. If you want to get used to it, you have to shake it more.”

Kim Shin-young introduced HyunA as a ‘human killer’ and asked, “Is this the concept of ‘I’m not Cool’ a snake?” HyunA said, “When there was no title for the song for the first time, I listened to the song and it felt like a snake. I told the company ‘Snake’. Afterwards, the choreography came out, but it was like a snake choreography. I wrote, but it would be nice to express a snake on the stage. I wanted to show something flexible and strong.”

When asked by Psy, the representative of the agency, “Did you have admonitions for choreography,” she said, “I debuted 15 years ago, and the CEO was behind every practice. But I felt a new feeling again, I have never felt that feeling since preparation for the debut stage. But again, I felt that feeling for the first time.”

Regarding ‘Party, Feel, Love (Feat. DAWN)’ featured by DAWN, HyunA said, “It’s a song I had 3 years ago, and it’s nice to be able to share it with Mr. Dunn.” When Kim Shin-young asked, “Do you have any trouble while recording with Dun?”, HyunA expressed affection, saying, “Don helps me a lot when recording. I think it’s good to use each other.”

One listener asked, “You have a very cute voice, do you have any plans for a cute concept?” In response, HyunA adamantly said, “No,” and replied, “I tried cute things in the songs as well. But I certainly couldn’t beat cute people.”

DJ Kim Shin-young said, “You can’t win cuteness + sexy,” HyunA said, “I’ve always done that, but when I think about it, the reaction was lukewarm. I once played ‘Ice Cream’ as the title song, and it was a very refreshing song. They said it was sexy,” she recalled. She added, “In fact, it’s not easy to dance with bare feet. I know why there are shoes.”

Afterwards, HyunA’s advisory session continued. The first question was, “Is there a song you want to reinterpret?” In response, HyunA said, “I don’t always think that it is a remake.”

The next question was “I turned 30 this year, do you have any pictures you have imagined?” HyunA replied, “I don’t think I have much thought. I want to spend every day meaningfully and well with the meaning of what I like.” “In the past, HyunA was thirsty for the love of people. Somehow, ‘What if I hate me?’ I was used to pretending not, pretending not to care. Now that I was only loved for such a gaze and then collapsed, now I have to love myself to protect myself, so I try to do the things I like I do” she added.

In the past, Girls’ Generation’s Hyo-yeon mentioned that she wanted to form a ‘Exchange Expedition’ with CL and HyunA at MBC ‘Radio Star’. Regarding this, she frankly answered, “I don’t think I can exchange it. I think I’ll be watching older sisters rather than exchange.”

When asked “Do you want to act,” HyunA asks you to act while doing “I’m Not Cool” activities. Also, it was curious to hear such a word when I go to the broadcasting station. She said she did a lot. So, I wanted to see you like that. But I still have a desire to do better on the stage.”

Lastly, HyunA said, “I wish everyone had a lot of happy things. There are a lot of depressing things these days, but I thought that the reason I came out with ‘I’m Not Cool’ is that I don’t want to have any other thoughts when I see my stage. I don’t want anything this time, and I want to keep you all crazy for just 3 minutes. I hope you also have a lot of fun and happy things,” she left a heartfelt message.

Meanwhile, on January 28, HyunA released her 7th mini album ‘I’m Not Cool’. On the 3rd at 6 pm, the music video of the track ‘GOOD GIRL’ will be released through the official YouTube channel.


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