‘Flaming Youth’ Park Seon-young “Choi Chang-min would be great when he plays the role of Psychopath… There is depression in his eyes

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Park Sun-young sympathized with Choi Chang-min’s words that he wanted to play the role of a psychopath.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Flaming Youth’, which aired on the 2nd, the youth who left for a trip to Daejeon were drawn.

On this day, Kang Kyung-heon asked Choi Chang-min, “If you are going to be active in the future, which way do you want to go?” Choi Chang-min cited ‘acting activities’ and hoped that “I want to play an evil character, like psychopaths.”

The youth responded to this. Lee Yeon-su said, “There is a eerie thing in a good face,” Park Sun-young said, “There is a sense of smartness in the face, a slight depression in the eyes. It is bright eyes, but there is depression.” Shin Hyo-beom also confronted him, saying, “Isn’t it difficult to pass by. A little bit like that and your eyes are intense.”

Kim Do-gyun asked, “Is what you want to play such a role has the influence you have talked about or is it what you think?” Choi Chang-min confessed, “I wanted to play such a role since I was a child.”

Kim Gwang-gyu, who heard this, said, “I look at the contemplation, but in observance, a firefighter suits me.” Choi Seong-guk added, “Chang-min will play the role of a firefighter and Bon-seung will play the role of a psychopath. It may be obvious that Chang-min is a psychopath in a thriller movie.”

In addition, Choi Seong-guk selected Kim Do-gyun as the person who suits the role of psychopath among the youth. In response, Kim Gwang-gyu said, “I’m trying to torture while playing the guitar, tying up with such a good face,” and aroused laughter.

Meanwhile, ‘Flaming Youth’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:20 pm.


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