Ha Jae-sook, “Is Lee Jun-haeng really a sweet husband?”… Revealing the reality of the husband

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Ha Jae-sook revealed the reality of her husband, Lee Jun-haeng.

On the 3rd, Ha Jae-sook posted several photos on her Instagram, showing Lee Jun-haeng’s behaviors.

Along with this, Ha Jae-sook wrote a long article. She revealed four things with luck saying, “(A lot of nagging and reproach for Lee Jun-haeng, please) Look! This is the real nature of him!”

First, Ha Jae-sook wrote, “I was so happy that the captain gave me the semi-dried red flounder that I liked so much, and I was so happy to see you jumping into the house… I can’t understand that I put it on the console and on the beanie hat.”

She added, “I don’t nag whether I put my socks upside down or put them right in. I just need to open the washing machine in front of my nose and put it in! I can’t understand leaving my socks on the floor.”

She also said, “I can’t understand how I put my clothes on the bed like this because I washed my clothes with a flowery scent, so I can’t understand leaving the lid open because it’s not enough to put it down on the spot with a wet tissue.” And asked for an explanation.

Lastly, Ha Jae-sook said, “Apart from this, there are a lot of pictures of the panties I wore after showering on the handle of the bathroom each time proudly, etc., but… I will put up with it for a while, taking into account the social wave (!?).” If you do not swear that you will not commit such atrocities, you are waiting for nagging bombs to be dropped with bamboo bread.”

Netizens responded with “Hahaha, a common reality couple” and “Ha Jae-sook is so cute”.

Meanwhile, Ha Jae-sook will appear in the KBS2 drama ‘Okay Light Sisters’, which is scheduled to air in March.


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