Mamamoo, first appearance on Japanese TV since debut… The special live heat was also hot

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Girl group MAMAMOO appeared on a Japanese terrestrial TV program for the first time after their debut.

On the 2nd, MAMAMOO appeared on the live broadcast section of Nippon TV ‘Sukkiri’, ‘We News’, and released the Japanese version of ‘Dingga’ with excellent entertainment for the first time, and heated the Japanese islands with a special stage.

MAMAMOO, who appeared on Japanese terrestrial TV for the first time since their debut, drew the attention of local viewers by showing their first greeting with an a cappella, “See you, this is MAMAMOO!”

In the broadcast that day, Solar made the atmosphere of the scene friendly with a unique bright smile, saying, “Apart from the artist’s activities, I have a ‘laugh therapist’ license”, and Moonbyul said that he had a dream of becoming a singer by watching the group TVXQ. She sang ‘Dousite Kimiwo Sukininatte Simattandarou’ as an a cappella.

Hwasa said, “I like ramen and tonkatsu. The members also like it, so I enjoy eating it together.” Wheein said, “I like to draw, so I will draw a look like Haruna today.” Wheein showed great chemistry with, Haruna, a comedian appeared on the show with MAMAMMOO.

Following the talk, MAMAMMOO wore a fresh denim-based outfit and performed a special performance of the Japanese version of ‘Dingga -Japanese ver.-‘, showing off their rejuvenating side with a vitamin-like charm. In addition, at the end, the cappella of ‘Nada Sosou’, which was included in Japan’s first full album, was also presented, providing a special gift to local fans.

In addition, MAMAMMOO proved its global popularity by rising to the #1 Twitter trend before broadcasting even though it was the first time he appeared on a Japanese terrestrial TV program. In particular, it debuted on Japanese broadcasting with ‘Sukkiri’, a program that is highly influential locally, boasting the status of a representative K-pop girl group in Korea.

Meanwhile, MAMAMMOO will release the Japanese album ‘TRAVEL -Japan Edition-‘ including ‘Dingga -Japanese ver.-‘, which was first released by ‘Sukkiri’, on the 3rd.

The group MAMAMMOO appeared in’Sukkiri’. Photo courtesy|RBW

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