‘Mission Possible’, confirmed to be released on the 17th [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Mission Possible’ has been confirmed to be released on the 17th.

The movie ‘Mission Possible’, which is drawing attention for the comical story of Kim Young-kwang and Lee Sun-bin, and high-fidelity action, released the main poster on the 17th, and released the main poster. ‘Mission Possible’ is a dizzying comical action between ‘Woo Su-han’, the president of the detective agency, and ‘Yoo Da-hee’, a secret agent filled with enthusiasm, strategically collaborating to resolve the arms trafficking case.

The released main poster draws attention with the poses of two people reminiscent of famous pictorials. First, Kim Young-kwang catches the eye with a serious yet playful look, stretching out his long legs, like a model, and holding Lee Sun-bin with both arms.

Lee Sun-bin also skillfully puts a leg on Kim Young-kwang’s shoulder and aims a gun with one hand, as if it were ‘unfit’, showing the breath of two people. A copy of ‘Operation, it is possible to be cheap if given only is given’ is added to amplify the curiosity of prospective audiences on how the ‘fantasy duo’ met for different purposes will make impossible missions possible.

Kim Young-kwang, who maximizes his charm, and Lee Sun-bin, an all-round entertainer who perfectly digests comics if comics, action, and anything, are planning to emit a top-notch comic chemistry. Released on February 17th.


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