‘Radio Star’ Julien Kang, in underwear wearing injection + upper body nude mountain climbing

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Julien Kang reveals his hobby of climbing a mountain in an undressed upper body.

MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ (planning Ahn Soo-young, director Kang Seong-ah), which airs today (3rd) at 10:20 pm, is ‘Bum Coming Down’ with extraordinary five members Kwon In-ha, Park Seon-ju, Julien Kang, Lee Nalchi’s Kwon Song-hee and Shin Yu-jin ‘It is decorated as a special feature.

Julien Kang, who is 191cm tall and boasts an unusual physical with a Pacific shoulder, appears in ‘Radio Star’ after 9 years and confesses to his unexpected hobby. He recently raised the topic of climbing a mountain with his upper body exposed on his SNS, and he drew a line saying that he did not intend to show off physical, saying, “The reason to take off your clothes is because of mental training.”

Following this, the Julien Kang revealed that he was naked from the entrance to the summit and wore clothes when descending from the summit, stimulating the playful instincts of ‘Radio Star’ MCs. Special MC Haha “I must have taken a picture. When I go down, I wear clothes.” Ahn Young-mi asked, “Do you want to attract attention?” and made the Julien River flinch.

In the end, Julien Kang induces laughter by saying that she made everyone laugh by pouring out excuses (?) saying, “No, no, no,” as if with a motor in the mouth of the MC’s ‘Kanjong’.

Julien Kang also recalls the story of transforming into a ‘hero’ wearing underwear. It was a hot topic when it was revealed that Julien Kang, who was drunk, tidying up the chairs of a convenience store in underwear. He said, “It was alcohol waste at the time,” and is expected to collect attention by revealing an anecdote that became a CF model thanks to the embarrassing injection case of the public.

Julien Kang, who appeared in the sitcom ‘High Kick Through the Roof’ and made her face known, showed off her superior physical condition and athleticism in entertainments such as ‘Real Man’ and ‘My Neighborhood Arts and Sports’.

Julien Kang, who is also the only person to appear in both the entertainment show ‘Real Man’ and the web entertainment ‘Fake Man’ because of her superior physical, is curious because she plans to give an honest answer to the question of which of the two military-based entertainments was more difficult. Stimulates.

In addition, Julien Kang said that he only recently understood the contents of his representative work, ‘High Kick Through the Roof’. “I couldn’t speak Korean, so I rarely monitored it at the time. I saw it again recently, and it was really funny.”

Julien Kang’s hobbies can be confirmed through ‘Radio Star’, which airs at 10:20 pm today (3rd).


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