‘Run On’ Director Lee Jae-hoon “I wish it would be such a drama that anyone suddenly remembered”

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JTBC Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Run On’ (screenplay Park Si-hyeon, director Lee Jae-hoon, production Mace Entertainment, content creation) is receiving favorable reviews that it adds warmth to the hearts of viewers every time with the warm condensation of the work looking at the world. Only raw fish are left behind.

Director Lee Jae-hoon, who is working hard to deliver a well-made romance after finishing the recent filming, directly answered the curiosity accumulated so far for viewers complaining of regret. The following are questions and answers from director Lee Jae-hoon.

Q. I’m curious about your impressions of finishing the shooting that started last summer.

It was a scene where there were many specially lovely moments. The atmosphere was so good that there was a voice everywhere that the filming was over. Since it is a scene where consideration and support go back and forth, the scenes were made even better than the pictures I had prepared. They were actors and staff who would definitely want to meet again.

Q. The reaction to the directing with detailed points is hot. If there is something specially concerned.

I tried to look carefully at each of the actors’ facial expressions, hand gestures, and speech that do not miss the emotional line. There was also trust and confidence that many things, such as props, clothes, places, lights, and angles prepared by the staff, were not just prepared. All you have to do is choose the best ones comfortably while looking at the elements that you have prepared and pondered more deeply than anyone else in your field. And all this was in the script. The actors and staff who correctly interpreted this creatively were careful to work happily without getting tired in the field. While respecting, encouraging, and appreciating each opinion, details and fun were made.

Q. Characters with distinct personalities such as calm Ki Seon-gyeom (Im Si-wan), solid Oh Mi-ju (Shin Se-kyung), strong Seo Dan-ah (Choi Soo-young), and pure Lee Yeong-hwa (Kang Tae-oh) also received good responses. How did you see the actors who completed this?

First, Im Si-wan shared a special aspect of the character that others have not seen, or expressed it in an unexpected way. He is a grateful actor who makes him feel that he is gaining something because he is fresh and has a lot of sympathy. Shin Se-kyung really liked the balanced action and reaction. It has a special advantage of being comfortable with the partner because of the attitude to see and match the other’s strengths and expressions well, and by doing so, her acting also improves. Choi Soo-young, who is keen and knows the fun points, is a mysterious actor who satisfies the director by acting tastefully with her unique energy. Many scenes used to create more fun moments than expected. Kang Tae-oh, the youngest member who received the cuteness of his older brothers and sisters in one body, has a wide range of expressions as he has a pleasant personality that goes back and forth between his distinctive hustle and masculine beauty. He is an actor with a variety of charms that overwhelms the audience with his eyes while claiming to be an on-site atmosphere maker. What these four actors have in common is that they never see their own role, but know the joy of communicating and acting with the other person. When I talked and rehearsed together, the scenes were always better than the pictures I had prepared myself.

Q. What was the most impressive scene? I am also curious about the reason.

I’ve seen an article where viewers pick each other’s favorite endings. Seon-gyeom, who decided not to run more than he thought about it, looked up at Mi-ju and picked the 3 ending, asking, “Will you translate?” I thought that the scene needed by looking at each other without lean on coincidences or drunkenness was like the real beginning of the two.

The 3rd episode, which has been the number one ending in the heart for a while, gave way to the 14th episode. This is the ending that Mi-ju and Seon-gyeom, who finished the marathon, look at each other, because it is the most touching and fun. The two who started at the ending of the third episode changed their seats to face each other in their true self through the process, and it felt like they had drawn a true ‘completion’.

Q. I am also interested in the stories of people around me. Can I expect their happy ending?

I dare say that it is a happy and realistic ending. I think the great advantage of ‘Run On’ is that not only the main character, but also big and small supporting actors are living and breathing like real people. I tried not to draw each character and life negligently, but fortunately, I met good actors who can express the characters vividly, and the whole process was easy. I think this intention will be revealed quite well in the remaining broadcasts.

Q. I wonder if there is a special love story that you wanted to show through the different movements of the ‘Seon-gyeom x Mi-ju’ and ‘Yeong-hwa x Dan-ah’ couples who showed different trends each time.

There was no intention to express the two couples in contrast. Because there will be so many people who love in different ways in the world, and these are the two couples that exist. While drawing our love story through four attractive protagonists, where we meet by chance, have good feelings, love and fight, meet again and break up, I think that what I really wanted to show was normal life. Some people fight, others just love, and vice versa. I think our ‘Seon-gyeom x Mi-ju’ and ‘Yeong-hwa x Dan-ah’ couples will continue to love and live similarly.

Q. The final episode is about to be broadcast. What if you could point out the last point of watching?

I tried to create an ending where the characters who grew up through meeting and communication and became in love with each other could naturally draw ‘I will live a much longer time like this in the future’ than what has been shown. Seon-gyeom and Mi-ju, Dan-ah and Yeong-hwa will all become better people, and they will love more and live more enjoyable while experiencing more interesting events than those in the drama. What we can’t see is a little weaker, but I hope it will be a broadcast that lets us imagine happier people. Finally, thank you and thank you again. Please enjoy watching until the final episode, and hope that it will become such a drama that you will suddenly remember later.


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