‘Times’ Lee Seo-jin x Lee Ju-young, ‘non-face-to-face cooperation’ of two reporters who look different

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

OCN’s new Saturday and Sunday original ‘Times’ (screenplay Lee Sae-bom Ahn Hye-jin, director Yoon Jong-ho) has two reporters who will pursue dangerous truths that transcend time. It is Lee Jin-woo (Lee Seo-jin), a reporter who make her voice heard, worked in 2015, and Seo Jeong-in (Lee Ju-young), a reporter with great passion in 2020.

While the characters of two reporters who are persistent and persistent toward the truth are revealed through the teaser images and images that have been released one after another, the reporting method of others who seem to resemble living in different time periods is expected to be another point of observation.

First of all, Lee Jin-woo, the representative of the media company ‘Times’ who dreams of an honest press, is the condition of a good reporter, including a sense of mission as a reporter, courage not to worry about threats from those who want to hide the truth, and a sense of timeliness that knows how to burst valuable news at an amazing timing. “If there is anything wrong, it will bite and droop until the end. He even has a belief that 10, 20, 100 years have passed. In order to report this hidden and distorted truth to the world, a thorough coverage must be supported.”

Through the photos released today (3rd), you can check the interview site of reporter Lee Jin-woo who moves boldly while approaching carefully. Expectations are already rising as to how his stats will be utilized in the chaotic Time Warp.

Another person who has the conditions of a reporter as good as Lee Jin-woo, Seo Jeong-in’s method, is a head-to-head match. As a reporter, not the ‘president’s daughter’, the ambition of asking sharp questions in front of numerous cameras, the persistence of collecting information while entering and exiting like my home, and the passion not to give up are the three elements that make up reporter Seo Jeong-in. In the photos released together, the daily life of Seo Jeong-in, a reporter walking around the police station as if entering and leaving my house, is contained.

However, the common journalist spirit of correcting the truth becomes the driving force for Lee Jin-woo and Seo Jeong-in to go beyond the five-year time gap and continue to cooperate even under adverse conditions connected by phone. The production crew of ‘Times’ said, “Two reporters who approach the truth in their own way will work together to create synergy in their own time, and in the process, non-face-to-face cooperation chemistry and fierce Tikitaka will provide fun without filtering. We ask for your interest in the first broadcast that has come close in about two weeks.”

The Time Warp political mystery drama ‘Times’, in which Seo Jeong-in, who was connected to the former reporter Lee Jin-woo by phone five years ago, faces a dangerous truth while blocking the death of his father Seo Ki-tae, will be aired on OCN at 10:30 pm on the 20th.


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