‘Video Star’ Bae Yoon-jung “Each team has a poor dancer…JeA and Miryo are serious”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

When choreographer Bae Yoon-jung taught dance, Brown Eyed Girls JeA and Miryo were selected as the girl band members who were particularly poor at dancing.

On the MBC Every1 entertainment program ‘Video Star’, which aired on the 2nd, the ‘Extreme Friendship’ special ‘We Probably War-like Friendship’ was decorated, with stylist Woori Kim, choreographer Bae Yoon-jung, comedians Lee Eun-hyung and Hong Yoon-hwa appeared.

On this day, Kim Sook asked Bae Yoon-jung, “I have a lot of idol students, but each team has one or two kids who are going to get bad. Bae Yoon-jung said, “I have a friend who falls behind when dancing. Bo-ram and Curie in T-ara, and Yura and Hye-ri in Girl’s Day were little bit poor at dancing compared to other members.”

She said that he had the most trouble when teaching Brown Eyed Girls. Bae Yoon-jung confessed, “Miryo and JeA were really serious. But they looked good at dancing thanks to their facial expression. If you look at it, your friends don’t dance a lot. Rather, it’s the dancers who dance intensely. I know people dance a lot, but not when they see it.”

Kim Sook said, “Among those mentioned, there is a person who sent a message of apology. The main characters were Brown Eyed Girls Narsha and JeA. Narsha said, “I heard that you had a hard time because of us, but I would like you to take it out. I do not doubt that the choreography has not changed because of me.”

JeA said, “When I met Bae Yoon-jung, it was the time when we were just turning into dance singers. We were also scolded a lot. Later, I heard that it was serious.” Suddenly, “I congratulate you on my pregnancy, and I think my sister will be a very lovely mother. I will make her nephew a lot pretty.”

After seeing this, Bae Yoon-jung laughed, saying, “I wanted to make JeA cry. She couldn’t dance but she was so bright. So I wanted to make her cry, but she didn’t cry.”

Meanwhile, ‘Video Star’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 pm.


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