‘Wild Wild Quiz’ Yang Se-chan, Park Se-ri steals meat and becomes king of meat

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

A strong entertainment show that conveys the pain of hunger felt by members who did not take the quiz appeared raw.

The ‘Wild Wild Quiz’ presents the joy of eating and hunger between heaven and hell, and announced the birth of a wild survival cook broadcast quiz show that you have never seen before.

The first simultaneous broadcast on NQQ and MBN on the 2nd,’Wild Wild Quiz’, with the appearance of 6 members of Lee Soo-geun, Park Se-ri, Yang Se-chan, Lee Jin-ho, Lee Hye-sung, and Bob Gupnam, the five senses of their wild life. We were satisfied with everyone and finished our first successful broadcast amid favorable reviews.

Yang Se-chan took the meat of Park Se-ri and became the king of meat of the war, giving viewers more fun than expected.

On this day’s broadcast, the members who met for the first time at a cuckoo mountain lodge in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do in a strong cold of 15 degrees Celsius were depicted. 6 people including Lee Soo-geun, an entertainer who has been trained in wild variety for many years, a national hero and golf empress Park Se-ri, a golf empress, Yang Se-chan and Lee Jin-ho, a newcomer Lee Hye-sung, and a ‘wild food industry aider’ who owns Gold Button. Gathered in one place.

Before entering the cuckoo hut, the members’ bags were checked first. Through the bag inspection, the members’ characters were revealed and made a laugh. Yang Se-chan, who brought a half-sized radio, instant rice pillow, ramen hot pack, and coffee shampoo, couldn’t hide his gag DNA even in the extreme wild experience, and Lee Jin-ho expressed a bluff full of bones with a luxury bag containing toiletries and a Bluetooth microphone. .

Park Se-ri carried many things in her bag. Everyone stuck out their tongues for 5 ramen, as well as large walnuts and snacks. Bab Gupnam showed the force of a wild expert by packing cold weather supplies that the production crew would not have prepared. Lee Hye-sung, who brought the character socks for the couple, Park Se-ri and the sweets that Park Se-ri liked, succeeded in capturing the hearts of the national hero, Park Se-ri, with a cute charm.

Members who were confiscated with personal food after bag inspection took the first quiz about lunch ingredients. The theme of the first quiz is ‘Mysterious Wild Quiz’. The member who got the name by looking at pictures of animals and plants that can be seen in Gangwon-do was given the right to choose the ingredients of heaven. The correct answer to the first question was ‘Peony’, and Yang Se-chan got the right answer to obtain a wild pine.

However, Yang Se-chan, who faced the first problem for a while with envy, could not solve a problem afterwards, and in the “Take Quiz”, even the only food ingredient, Songi mushroom, was taken from Park Se-ri, becoming a ‘starved man’, causing laughter. After the quiz was over, while the other members prepared lunch and filmed food using the ingredients obtained through the quiz, Yang Se-chan had no choice but to grab the hungry stomach. In an interview, he said, “Because other broadcasts give you a little bit of something to eat? “How can you be so cold?” He exploded and burned his enthusiasm for the next quiz game.

After lunch, the members prepared dinner by setting up a tent or making an oven while enjoying the beauty of nature. The production team opened up the members’ desire to win by revealing the precious black pigs from Jirisan that were airborne this morning as ingredients for dinner. In particular, Yang Se-chan, who only ate an unknown soup boiled with the ingredients discarded by the members, provoked a salty taste by drinking Kimchit-guk, saying, “I should take Donmahawk” and “I like pork belly”.

The ‘Cuckoo Music Quiz’, which was held with dinner ingredients, was a game where you guessed the lyrics of an empty phrase while listening to the song presented. In the practice game, Se-ri Pak corrected the answer and obtained 4 bags of ramen first, while the members held a quiz confrontation with the part of a black pig that was divided by a dismantling show. Again, as in the lunch quiz, Yang Se-chan got his hands on the top ingredients, Donmahawk, Samgyeopsal, and Gull Meat.

A fierce quiz confrontation followed, and Yang Se-chan’s performance was outstanding. Yang Se-chan was awarded the 3rd prize in the evening quiz by guessing the 5th place and even the “losing problem”. He succeeded in taking revenge by taking the meat of Park Se-ri, who stole Songi mushroom, her only ingredient, in the takeover problem in the lunch quiz earlier. Park Se-ri, who showed signs of Yang Se-chan to be the enemy in the show from the time of the bag inspection, caused laughter to look really angry, saying, “Are you easy on me?”

After the evening quiz was over, Yang Se-chan sought advice from a rice cooker and made a donmahawk grill and ate the meat that was ready to eat. The sound of the soup popping out of the donmahawk and the sound of Yang Se-chan while chewing meat stimulated the mouth. Pak Se-ri, who is also called ‘Meat Se-ri’ because she cannot live without meat, envied Yang Se-chan and said, “How do you like taking my meat?”, raising expectations for the agility chemistry they will show.

On the other hand, Lee Hye-sung, who couldn’t find any ingredients for dinner, transformed into a baby bird mode waiting for food, and caused a salty taste by chasing Yang Se-chan, and Lee Soo-geun, an empty stomacher, said, “I’m going crazy.” The hungry man’s vivid face was revealed, making him laugh.

‘Wild Wild Quiz’ was conducted with a simple rule in which the members take the quiz, cook with the ingredients obtained in the quiz, and eat, but maximize the fun by presenting the pain of hunger and the joy of eating, which anyone can relate to. did. In particular, the desperate struggles of the members who do not want to starve in the wild and the fun of seeing the bare faces of the members who became extremely sensitive after being deprived of food ingredients gave a laugh.

The new cook broadcast made by the members with natural ingredients prepared in the wild and the food room focused on the ingredients themselves satisfied the five senses, including sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. In addition, the visual healing provided by Mother Nature was a bonus, creating an effect that opened up the frustration of viewers in the contactless era, and was enough to raise expectations for future broadcasts.

Meanwhile, ‘Wild Wild Quiz’ includes NQQ (KT skylife 510, KT olleh tv 0, SK Btv 99, LG U+ tv 91, LG Hellovision 154, Delive 83, Btv cable 71) and MBN. You can meet through (#16, #18/different by region).


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