Yu-bin, “Happiness is not in the order of grades” to Hye-rim who is going to study

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and management company representative Yu-bin had a friendly conversation with Hye-rim.

On the 2nd, Yu-bin’s official YouTube channel said, ‘From the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021. A video titled ‘I went to the schedule~’ was uploaded. In the video, Yu-bin’s appearance during the year-end and New Year’s broadcast schedule was captured. Yu-bin and Hye-rim had conversation after filming a TV show ‘Where is My Home’ in studio.

On that day, Yu-bin wore a white blouse with an extraordinarily large shoulder pad and shuddered, saying, “I’m not a joke today. I can see your muscle now. I worked hard.” Hye-rim also suddenly stood next to Yu-bin and took a pose of ‘muscle woman’. Yu-bin boasted of her convex shoulders, saying, “You should have enough muscle. Air muscle. Air muscle.”

Hye-rim, who had been playing with Yu-bin for a while, said, “Then, I will go to study for the exam. Next week, I’m going to take the final exam.” In response, Yu-bin encouraged him, saying, “It’s 100 points. No, it’s A+ because it’s a university,” and Hye-rim said, “I’ve already put it down, but I’ll try hard.

Yu-bin said, “It’s okay. What’s important to your grades. Happiness is not in the order of grades.” Hye-rim said, “I don’t know how comforting my sister is whenever she talks about this.”

Meanwhile, Yu-bin founded Le Entertainment, a management company in February last year, and signed an exclusive contract with Hye-rim and Shin Min-cheol in the same year. She released her digital single ‘Perfume’ in January.


Photo| YouTube channel’Yubin’

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